Magician Brian McGovern.

Magic and Wizard Themed Parties New York Birthdays

New York Birthday Party Magician Makes Magic Theme Parties More Fun!

I travel all over New York (New York City to Long Island, Westchester) and parts of New Jersey and Connecticut and one of the biggest party themes I see in NY is the Harry Potter or Magic & Wizard Theme Party. My magic show makes these kinds of parties more magical and fun!

Having a party theme is a fabulous way to really liven up any kid's party, create a special and exciting atmosphere, and organize a day that will be really special and very memorable for both your child and all of the little guests that attend the event. There are many different themes to choose from when it comes to organizing a kid's party, and one of these is the magic and wizard themed party.

These magical themed parties with witches, wizards, magical creatures, and bags of enchantment have been popular for many years, but with the huge popularity of the Harry Potter books and movies every kid now wants to be a wizard for the day. A magic and wizard themed party can provide all the kids with a huge amount of fun and entertainment, and will provide plenty of opportunity for fun, games, and entertainment. There are a number of aspects that you need to look at when arranging a magic and wizard party, including:

Costumes: With a magic and wizards party not everyone will need to dress up as an actual wizard. You could have kids dressing up as black cats, dragons, wands – in fact, anything that is linked to the whole magic and wizardry theme. A good thing about a magic and wizards party is that the costume can be fairly simple for those guests that do not want to spend too much on the costume, and a simple cloak and wizard's hat will suffice.

Food: The food possibilities with a magic and wizard party are endless, from green jellies and shaped sandwiches to multi-colored soft drinks and a wizard themed birthday cake. You can use food coloring to make the various items of food stand out with a range of colors, which will make everything on the table look exciting and magical. Colorful cupcakes, popping candy, and different colored ice-creams will all add to the magical look of the food that you serve up to the kids at your party.

Games and entertainment: There are plenty of opportunities when it comes to games and entertainment for a magic and wizard based party. Magic tricks are, of course, essential to any magic themed party, and you can get some great magic tricks sets and get the kids to each perform a trick out of it. If you prefer you could get a magician in to entertain the kids, which is something that always goes down a treat. Face painting is another cool idea for a magic themed party, and you can treat the kids to a face painting that matches their outfit.

Music: You can add to the atmosphere of the party by putting on suitably magical music. You could do this by going online to download some tunes or you may find CDs that are designed for occasions such as Halloween, which may also be suitable for this sort of theme.

Invitations: You can have some real fun with the invitations for this sort of party, making them as exciting, magical, and eye-catching as you dare. You could opt for parchment type paper and calligraphy to give them an authentic look or you could go for something simple such as printed invitations that are designed in wizard-like shapes such as hats, cats, cauldrons, and wands. A quick sprinkling of glitter will help to liven up even the simplest of invitations to give them that magical, enchanting look so you don't have to spend a fortune to make them eye-catching.

Decor: You can have real fun when it comes to decorating your home for the party, and there are lots of different props that you can have around to give your house the perfect look and ambiance for the party. Choose the right lighting with some colored bulbs, and you can put fake spider webs around the home for that additional touch of authenticity. Lanterns, lit pumpkins, crystal balls, broomsticks, and cauldrons are just a few of the different props that you can use around the home by way of decoration. It's not just the home that can be decorated either – you could have the adults or helpers that come to the party to also get into the theme and dress up!