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Long Island Party Entertainment - Magic and Fun

Funny, entertaining and affordable entertainment for your next party in Port Washington ... or anywhere on Long island.

Whether you're planning a birthday party or any other special event - you want your guests to have fun.  That's why I'm always buzzing around Long Island every week. Party planners looking for a professional, funny and incredible magic show are my best customers.

The Long Island Magician

It seems like every week I'm "magically appearing" in Baxter Estates and Manorhaven ... as well as Sands Point ... and Flowerhill (can they come up with more names for neighborhoods in Port Wash?) One day it's a 40th birthday party in Manhasset Isle ... or a family event at Harbor Links Golf Course  ... or a bar mitzvah at H on the Harbor ... it seems like I'm busy in Port Washington all the time.

Magical Entertainment  for Adults and Kids

While some magicians are great with sleight of hand ... they can't keep kids entertained. Others are fun for little kids but boring for adults. That's where I come in. My magic show is perfect for family audiences.

I mix stand-up comedy with astounding magic and lots of audience participation ... plus I add in some juggling and a live bunny rabbit too. The "stand-up show" runs anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.

Walk-Around Magic

Sometimes my clients don't want a stand-up or stage show. Instead they want me to mingle with the guests and blow them away with incredible sleight of hand and mind-reading magic. This format is great for weddings, bar mitzvahs, corporate events, country club events, family parties and so on. Usually I will stroll around the party doing "close-up magic" during the cocktail hour or after the meal. (I don't advise strolling magic during the meal ... people want to eat!).

The secret to successful close-up magic in a strolling situation is being able to read the crowd.  I find the guests that look bored and within in minutes I've transformed a group of strangers at a table into a party of laughing and applauding friends. My magic gets people interacting and when I've finished my last trick the ice is broken and people are having fun.

I've even been hired by corporations to entertain clients at client dinners. Since the boss and the salespeople can't be everywhere at once, very often they'll book me to get clients, suppliers and vendors in the mood to party. One very clever broker hired me to entertain at an event ... and it wasn't even his event.

While other vendors paid thousands to sponsor the event (which just earns them a listing in the invitation and a thank you from the host) my client was really smart. For much less money he hired me to go around the cocktail party and entertain. At every group I mentioned my sponsor's company, mesmerized them with magic and right before my last trick the sponsor walked over. I introduced him again as the sponsor - did the trick and when I walked away he would be swamped with new people to meet and greet. He landed a ton of new clients that night.

Birthday Party Magician

Magic ... it's not just for kids!  I've done magic for 100th birthday parties as well as surprise parties for 65th, 50th, 40th, 30th and 21st birthdays.  Recently I did a 21st birthday party for the lead singer of a Long Island band - it was awesome.  On the same day I did a party for an 8 year-old.

Same show? No way!

My act is completely customized for the audience. If I am entertaining kids I use colorful, silly magic with real simple plots.  For adults I do more sophisticated sleight of hand and intelligent humor.

Now What?

Well, if you've made it this far down the page you must be interested in hiring Long Island's Best Magician ( according to a survey that included my rabbit and my mom). To find out more - give me a call.

I can only do 3 shows a day and Long Island is a big place with lots of parties. So, before y0u miss out - give me a call.

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