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Long Island Magicians Kids Birthday Parties

Long Island Magician for AMAZING Kids Birthday Parties.

When you're planning a child's birthday party you want to make sure you do everything to make it special. Booking a great magician who specializes in kids birthday parties is a great start.

My magic show features lots of audience participation, live bunny rabbit, incredible juggling and lots of wacky comedy. Yes, I said wacky.

Whether you are having a birthday party in your backyard, your basement or at a fancy banquet hall you need expert entertainment. A magician who specializes in doing kids parties!

Unless you want corny entertainment and cheesy magic tricks it's best to stick with a full-time professional. There are only a handful of full-time professional magicians on Long Island and even fewer that specialize in doing funny family comedy magic shows.

I've been entertaining all over Nassau County of Suffolk County since I was teenager. I've performed at birthday parties for one-year-olds and even a birthday party for a 100 year old! So what can you expect when you hire me to entertain at your child's birthday party?

A Professional Magic show on Long Island for Birthday Parties!

Yes, you could go to some party center and "rent a magician". The party store will be happy to give you a low price and low quality act. Not all of them looked terrible. That's how I started out in high school working for a magic shop that booked out magicians for birthday parties. Some of the guys that I started with back then went on to become full-time professional magicians but most were not very good and some were terrible!

When you hire a professional magician for your child's party you can expect that magician to show up on time and ready for anything. A low-priced magician who's just starting out is probably not that good at handling crowds and potential problems that always arise unexpectedly. You want to go with somebody that is reliable and can entertain. I know one magician who's extremely reliable at showing up, only trouble is that once he shows up you wish he'd leave!

I've seen it all. Grumpy magicians who yelled the kids! Boring magicians who can't hold the attention of any audience for more than a few minutes! Bad magicians who couldn't fool a dog playing fetch.

My magic shows full of audience participation and surprises. I to world-class sleight-of-hand magic that is guaranteed to amaze and amuse any audience but don't take my word for it check out these amazing reviews.

But don't wait too long. My calendar always sells out fast so book now.


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