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Long Island Magician in Stony Brook, NY

I did a magic show in Stony Brook, Long Island yesterday for a little boy who was turning four years old. I've been a magician at Long Island parties since I was a kid and all these years later I still love entertaining families at these special occasions.

Long Island Magician

Since it was Halloween they decided to have a costumed birthday party for little Zach. He was a lot of fun and really got into being dressed up like Superman. There were about 10 children at the birthday party ranging in age from three years old to 12 years old.  We decided to do the magic show outside on the patio because it was a pretty warm day for Halloween, although the wind was pretty rough at times.

About 15 adults came out on the patio to watch the show with the kids. I really enjoyed doing a family magic show like this where I can toss and jokes and humor that the adults enjoy on a different level than the kids do. I really tried to get the entire family involved in the show as much as possible and as much as they want to be involved.  If there are grownups in the audience I make sure to interact with them and do some magic tricks that they can appreciate.

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Some magicians can only entertain children, others can only perform for adults but what makes my show unique is that it has a broader appeal. A lot of times after a show parents will come up to me and tell me that they had as much fun if not more fun than their kids. I think it's because I've had years of experience entertaining kids but also I'm an experienced standup comedian who has appeared all over New York at all the major comedy clubs.

I did about 45 minutes of magic, juggling and comedy and ended with producing a live bunny rabbit. While the children came up to pet the bunny I made animal balloon sculptures and joked around with the crowd. I had another magic show scheduled in Bohemia. Later I made an appearance at the Millridge Inn in Jericho, NY. After that I did a Halloween party for adults on Clark Street in Brooklyn Heights. Halloween is a busy day for magicians in New York City and Long Island.

There are hundreds of parties going on for kids and adults and magic just makes a perfect combination that captures mischievous fun of the day.


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