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Long Island Magician Hijinx - Amazing Kids

Planning a birthday party on Long Island and looking for a great children's magician? One magic, comedy, juggling, balloons and a live bunny rabbit too? Won a magic show that children of all ages will love?  Hijinx the Magician is Long Island's kids show champion.

"From Nassau County to Suffolk County and all over New York City hijinks the magician brings magic comedy and more to children's events of all kinds.  Birthday parties, bar mitzvahs, christenings, block parties, school events, Halloween parties, Christmas parties, holiday parties ... pool parties ... he even entertains at weddings."

"Magic is probably one of the greatest types of entertainment that you can have for children's party.  But not every magician is able to entertain and captivate the imagination of youngsters like Hijinx."

Hi, I'm Hijinx the Magician. When you're planning a children's party anywhere on Long Island - from Garden City to the Hamptons, from the North Shore to the South Shore, from Suffolk County to Nassau County - I've got the magic show that will make your child's party extra fun.

Kids love magic and they love to laugh and that's why I've combined comedy and magic together to create a one-of-a-kind experience called the Hijinx Magic Show. It's the perfect type of entertainment for children of all ages.

My show features mind boggling sleight of hand performed right before your eyes. Children are not the only ones who will gasp with astonishment when they witness the miracles magic - now you see it, now you don't!

A lot of children's entertainers are not very good magicians. They may be funny and charming but the tricks they perform couldn't fool your cat. Not so with the Hijinx Magic Show! I guarantee you'll be amazed.

Now Long Island is an awfully big place and every weekend there are hundreds of parties and events going on. And even though I'm a parade magician I can't appear at two parties at the same time! That means if you want to book one of Long Island's funniest kid show magicians for your child's party the time to act is now.

Give me a call right now at my office and lets talk about how we can make your party amazing.

Hijinx Entertainment

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