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Kips Bay Kid’s Magician for Parties

NYC Magician - If you’re planning a birthday partying Manhattan and you’re looking for fun, exciting party entertainment – you’re in the right place. My magic show is perfect for kids parties for children ranging in age from toddlers to pre-teens. Every magic show that I do is full of sleight-of-hand magic that will baffle and amaze plus visual variety arts like juggling and puppetry. I even have an adorable little bunny rabbit that makes a magical appearance at every show. Every child gets and balloon sculpture to take home.

Kip’s Bay Magic Show

I do lots of parties around New York City. The show is very popular with parents who want to have an organized event at the party instead of just having the children run around going crazy. What makes my show different from any other form of children’s entertainment in NYC is that the parents love my shows too. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve finished up doing a birthday party show for little kids only to be surrounded by parents who tell me they had a terrific time as well.

My show has broad appeal. Some magicians can only entertain children because they don’t have sleight-of-hand skills required to do amazing magic but they’re funny and entertaining nonetheless. Other magician’s are terrific act doing jaw-dropping illusions but they have absolutely no ability to entertain and engage an audience of little kids. I’m one of the few magicians in the city who can entertain the CEO as well as all the employee’s children at a company event.

Most of the shows I do last for about an hour and include lots of incredible magic, juggling, balloon animals, and of course the bunny rabbit trick! I do a lot of shows in private apartments and community rooms around NYU Medical Center as well as the rest of New York City. The majority of parties that you are on the weekend and with so many parties going on I sell out every time. So, if you’re thinking about booking a birthday party magic show to make your child’s next party the best ever, give me a call right now before you miss out.

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