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Kids Party Magician Rye New York

Planning a fun party and looking for a the best magician for kids in Rye, NY? My show features lots of amazing magic tricks, juggling, comedy, a live bunny and balloon animals. It's the perfect party entertainment for children of all ages.

Please check out my main website for reviews and much more information by clicking here:

Rye New York Magician

My magic show includes astonishing sleight of hand as well as funny surprises which means kids young and old will enjoy the show. Some cheesy magicians do tricks with phony looking props that any child can do and won't amaze anyone. This is also true of party clowns too. They tend to be lousy magicians.

When you watch my show you'll enjoy a fun-filled display of the art of sleight of hand. I use ordinary objects to create extraordinary magic. I entertain at parties of all kinds all over Rye and the surrounding areas.

Juggling and Catching in Rye

By adding other variety arts to my show it takes on new dimensions and becomes more than just a magic show. My juggling is colorful, interactive and funny too. To keep young children fully engaged in the show I use juggling to create a change of pace.

Magician with Bunny

When people book my show in Rye they always ask, "Do you have any animals?" Yes! My live bunny rabbit is the hit of the show with audiences. She's an adorable little bunny who can read minds! (That's my story and I'm sticking to it!)

Balloon Sculptures - Balloon Animals

What's a party without balloons? I make all sorts of colorful and crazy balloon shapes for the kids. Hats, animals, toys and on and on. I usually make balloons for the kids after my show. While the kids are getting their balloons they're also petting the bunny. Fun!

Call Now! my office

My show sells out every week. I'm one of the busiest magicians in New York - I cover all of Rye plus New York City, Long Island, Westchester and even New Jersey and Connecticut. So, if you're thinking about booking Rye's best kid's magician ... act fast or your date might just disappear.


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