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Kids Party Entertainers NYC

Kids Party Entertainers NYC

From clowns to puppet shows - magicians to costumed characters - what's the best type of children's entertainment for a birthday party in New York?

Here's what I've seen work well and what flops when it comes to throwing a birthday party for kids in Manhattan.

The very best type of entertainer for a child's birthday party in general is a funny children's magician.  Unlike party clowns, a birthday party magician isn't scary (although some of them are pretty ugly). A good professional kid's magician in Gotham usually performs for 45 minutes to an hour.

An experienced kid-show magician in New York City  with any sort of a good reputation isn't cheap.  Some charge $350. Some charge over $1200 for a single child's birthday appearance and are booked well in advance! Are they worth it?

Many celebrities seem to think so, as do many top executives seem to think so.  Is a $1,200 magician 4 times better than a $300 magician? That's not really how it works. It just comes down to supply & demand.

So, if a one magician gets $1,200 for a kid's party and the other only can get $300 - you have to ask, why? Sometimes the more expensive magician is really worth it - at that price he (and it is a he) has to really impress. It's his full time job!

What about the cheap children's magician? He may be so cheap because he gets paid what he's worth.

I've seen a number of lunatics advertise on Craigslist for Magic Shows for $75. What do you think you get for that? Last time I looked into it, the $75 discount magician was a bumbling slob who couldn't do any tricks! He shows up in a horrible clown suit - smeared make-up, dirty shoes. Yuck!

You want cheap? You get cheap! Do yourself a favor, if you can't hire a good magician - don't hire one.

Now, you don't have to spend $1.200 for a birthday party magic show if you can't swing it! There are a number of really great magicians for kids in New York City who charge between $350 and $450.

We also have some less expensive magic shows too. A number of really great children's entertainers have some open time slots - and rather than make nothing, they'll let me book them out at below their normal rates. A few have recently relocated to Manhattan and are still building their reputations.

So, in other words - give me a call and I can probably help you find a good magician for your child's party.

Magicians Manhattan

My favorite kids magician in New York City is David Copperfield. For only $20 million dollars he'll show up at your kid's party and make balloon animals. Next is David Blaine. For $10 million he'll sit in a box. (How the hell is that entertainment?) For $5 million Criss Angell will pretend to do magic - it will only look good after the CGI (so many edits and camera tricks on that freak's TV show - but he's actually able to do a fun live stage illusion show).

OK - can't afford those guys?

Then call your old pal Hijinx - that's me! my office.

Children's Party New York - Hijinx!

Hijinx Children's Entertainers for New York City Parties

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