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Kids Magician on Long Island

If you're planning a birthday party on Long Island and you need a great magician to keep the kids entertained why not give us a call at my office.

Kids just love magic shows. Magic captures their imagination and a great kid show a magician is able to cater his material towards his audience. Our magic show is a lot of fun for kids and grown-ups alike. We include lots of audience participation and comedy. Our magic tricks are funny and amazing.

Everything we do in the magic show is geared towards children. If we are performing a magic show for little kids we performed different tricks than we would for older children or teenagers.

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Magic is a very popular form of party entertainment. It goes over well with kids and adults because it's exciting, visual, and it captures the imagination. We feature lots of audience participation in our shows because we know one of the best ways to entertain a group of kids or adults is by featuring their friends and family on stage with a magician.

We use volunteers from the audience to help us create astonishing magic. It makes the magic much more impactful when you see that a volunteer as checked the equipment and the expressions of astonishment on our volunteers faces make the trek so much more entertaining.

In addition to incredible magic and illusion our magic show includes wacky feats of juggling, zany puppetry and bizarre balloon sculptures. Our shows run anywhere from 30 minutes up to two hours depending upon what you need.

It is called today and let's talk about bringing our award-winning magic show to your next party.


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