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Kids Magician for Hamptons Birthday Parties

Magic and Fun on Long Island's East End

It's that time of year again, when I take my magic show out on the road to the Hamptons. I'll be appearing at all sorts of garden parties, social events and other happenings all over the East End this summer.

Now, it's not very nice to drop names but if you that been at any of the big parties in the Hamptons last summer where families were invited chances are you saw my magic show. Yes, that was me who had that movie star levitating over the swimming pool! Yes, that was me who produce that adorable bunny rabbit!

What type parties do I do? My specialty is in performing for family audiences. If you're planning a birthday party where you are having lots of adults in attendance then you'll want to check out my show. It's not really a kiddie magic show – it's more of a family event. Sure there's lots of silly magic for the kids but the adults also appreciate the humor that flies over the children's heads.

Use lots of audience participation. To get the guest who want to volunteer to come up and have fun. No one is ever in first my magic show. Birthday parties are lots of fun. I get the birthday child to star in the show and be my "official magician's assistant".

I have a lot of clients in New York City who are transplanted to the Hamptons during July and August and it's always fun to have a magic show at a party. Why? Well after a while just running around the backyard and playing in the swimming pool becomes routine. You want to make your child's birthday party extra special and fun for the child and of course all your guests.

You could hire a bouncy rides, pony rides, and all that sort of stuff too. I know lots of customers that do that but then they want to have the magic show as a centerpiece for the event. This way the kids settle down and enjoy a group activity doesn't involve getting overheated or possibly injured. (Yes, I've seen kids get injured on those bouncy castles and other children get horrible allergic reactions to ponies).

My magic show is perfect for a backyard party in the summer. That's because you never quite know when the weather might turn on you. If there's a sudden downpour what is going to do with 20 little kids? If you have a magic show scheduled it's easy enough to bring the kids inside sit them down in a small group on the carpet where they will be entranced by the amazing magic.

Some people want walk around magic. That's where the magician strolls around the party doing close-up, sleight-of-hand magic for guest. Rather than doing a standup show where the audience is seated and quiet, the magician mingles around the room. When I do close-up magic at parties in the Hamptons I do sophisticated sleight-of-hand magic, not some hokey tricks that some amateur can buy from the joke shop! That's why so many Hamptonites book me over and over again.

I'm looking forward to jumping my car and putting on some amazing magic on Long Island's East End.


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