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Kids Magic Show Long Island

Looking for a great magic show for children on Long Island?

A wonderful and wacky magic show just for kids!

It's perfect for all children's events like birthday parties, block parties, summer camps, schools, picnics, family reunions and more.

The show is funny, amazing and kid's love it.

Brian has been entertaining at kid's parties and events since 1979! Let us help you make your party fun.

Call us at my office or contact us here ....

Magic has universal appeal and it's not just for children. We have expert sleight-of-hand artists who can astonish the most sophisticated adult audiences and kid-show magicians who will delight any group of children.

Magic is great entertainment for children ages 4 and up. For younger children we offer other entertainment options like puppet shows, clowns and games.

Children love magic and at we specialize in making children's events fun and magical.

Parents all over Long Island turn to Hijinx for great family entertainment.

To book a wonderful kid's magic show on Long Island, get in touch!


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