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Stuyvesant Town NYC Party Magician Makes Birthdays More Fun

If you want an amazing magician in Stuyvesant Town, you're in the right place! Our magical mystery show has got it all. Incredible magic tricks, awesome juggling in a crazy bunny rabbit who will a maze your guests with his own tricks.

Surprise and delight your guests with the awesome kids party show filled with hilarity and surprises.

Magic tricks that will make you say, "How did he do that?"

A juggling routine your kids will love.

A cuddly and adorable live bunny rabbit!

Fantastic and colorful balloon sculptures.

A load of audience participation that keeps children fully engaged and enjoying the show.

My magic shows are custom designed for each audience. If you're hosting a party for very young children I will do tricks that are suitable for toddlers and preschoolers but if you're having a party for pre-teens then the magic will be much more sophisticated.

that defy descriptionIf you wish to host an extremely enjoyable birthday party for a child, now you can turbo charge your future shindig with fun and enjoyment. It's fun for all of the party guests.

How can you get the best magician for children in town? You can call me, that will do it.

The thing to remember about planning kids party anywhere in Manhattan is you want to go with a skills, qualify and professional kids entertainer.  You can find a ton of cheap magicians and cheap clowns hawking their wares on Craig's list ... if you dare. The trouble with doing with a cheap party entertainment package is that very often the performer that the agency sends you has never performed before.  I know it's hard to believe but I done parties where a birthday party clown shows up and they never presented their shell before.  Many party entertainment companies will hire anybody, and I mean anybody, to entertain.  Sometimes you get an absolute lunatic you would normally not let into your home.

So the take away, always go with someone who has impeccable professional references and a long successful track record of making kids parties lots of fun.  Just because someone is a good magician doesn't mean that they will be good at performing for kids.


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