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Kid's Parties in Downtown New York City

The best birthday party on NYC's UES? This is the perfect party entertainment for family events and kid's parties. You could book a live animal show - you could book a clown - you could book a juggler, or a magician, or even a comedian ... so why not book the show that has them all?

My magic and comedy show is great for children's parties.  Children from toddlers to pre-teens love magic. I combined sleight-of-hand with improv comedy create a one-of-a-kind magic show that's one of the most popular shows on the upper East side.  Here are some questions I'm frequently asked about the show:

How long is your magic show?

The shell has a very flexible format.  Most birthday party magic shows one for about an hour but I can always do more or less time depending upon your party plan.

How soon do I have to book your show?

That depends. Some weekends are busier than others. But because I can only do three or four shows a day there is a real limit to how many parties I can do each week.  Your best bet is to call as early as possible.  It's really hard to say, I may have a time slot open tomorrow but the booked solid some weekend three months from now.

How much experience do you have?

I've been performing at parties all over New York City since I was a kid in high school.  I'm a full-time professional magician.  That means when I book a party I show up.  You could hire a part-time or an amateur to try to save a buck or two but they may not show up on time or at all! I've heard plenty of horror stories of parents hiring some cheap children's entertainer who ruined the party by doing a terrible show or by not showing up.  If you check out my references and reviews on Facebook - you'll see that I've been amazing kids and adults all over New York City in 1979!

What type of parties do you entertain at?

I do all types of special events. From first birthday parties to bar mitzvahs, sweet 16's, anniversary parties, block parties, christenings, Communion parties, going away parties, company picnics, company office parties, parties for co-op community events. If you've got a group of people that want to be entertained I've got the magic show to do it.

What do I do next?

Call before your party date this disappears! Call my office or fill out the form below.  Do it now!


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