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Kid's Parties in Downtown New York City

Are you planning a child's birthday party and lower Manhattan and looking for some fun entertainment?  Lots of parents have birthday parties for the kids in the co-op community room which can be fun as long as you have good party entertainment.  How do you find the right children's entertainer for your party?

What are some good types of entertainment for children's parties in New York City?

If you're hosting a party indoors you want to have some organized entertainment said the kids are not running around going crazy in your apartment or in the community room.   A magic show is ideal for kids parties in Manhattan because it doesn't require a lot of space in the magician can keep the kids sitting down at having fun.  You could hire a perfect party clown but keep in mind that some younger children are afraid of clowns - and older kids find and condescending. Kids don't like to feel like they're being treated like babies!

Face painters can be a fun addition to children's event but I wouldn't call it entertainment. Face painters usually takes several minutes to decorate just one child's face - that means the rest of the kids are just waiting on line. If you're having a large party you'll have a large line of bored children.  Plus, you do need to worry about children's allergies.  Even though most face painters use hypoallergenic products it doesn't mean that want your guests won't have an allergic reaction!

Balloon twisting is also fun to have a party. Keep in mind that many balloon twisters are not really entertainers, they just stand there and make balloons for however long it takes.  Again your face would have a long line of kids waiting for a balloon.

I know I may be a bit biased, but I honestly believe that a good children's magician is the perfect solution to "how are we going to keep all these kids from going crazy?" my magic show combines sleight-of-hand with standup comedy in juggling - plus I even have a live bunny rabbit and I make balloon animals for the kids quickly so that they're not waiting on line.

Magic Shows for Kids in NYC

The show is customizable - ago do the same tricks for 10-year-olds that I would do for four-year-olds.  Whenever show with a bunch of little toddlers I do a much goofier type of magic show full of comedy and surprises plus slapstick humor, balloons  and the ever popular Mr. Bunny! For older children I do more sophisticated sleight-of-hand.

Entertainment for Family Events

I guess what sets me apart from most other magicians in New York City is the fact that I can do a family show.  I don't just do magic for little kids I can entertain the parents as well.  In fact if you read my reviews on Facebook you'll see that many the parents have a great time at my shows.

When To Book?

My weekends to sell out every single month. I may have an opening this coming weekend or it may not but usually I can only do three or four shows in a given day and I'm always maxed out on my calendar.  So, if you want to book the most popular kids magician in New York City ( according to me) then pick up the phone and call me or fill out the handy dandy form below. What are you waiting for?

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