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Kid's Birthday Parties Upper West Side NYC

When it's time to plan your child's birthday party on New York City's Upper West Side - make sure you have the right kind of entertainment.

For very young children (under the age of three) you don't need a heck of a lot of party entertainment. I know many parents freak out at the thought of unstructured party time - parents on the Upper West Side tend to be a little bit weird that way. They have to have every single minute of their child's life planned out and assisted by a nanny and a personal assistant. But I'm telling you, don't worry.

When you have a party for your toddler, just invite invite a handful of children. Block two hours out and plan a simple party. Bake a cake (I'm joking, who has time on the Upper West Side to bake a cake for their child's party?) sing happy birthday and call it a day. If you want to rent out a party venue like NY Kid's Club, knock yourself out. Spend lots of money and try your very best to impress people you don't even like. And hire a magician, will you?

Now, when you're planning a party for children ages 5 and up - then you need to do some planning. Generally you almost fell obliged to invite all of your child's classmates - and if you do, you're in for it.

If you dare host your party in your home - you'll need party entertainment unless you enjoy watching hyperactive children destroy your furnishings. That's where I come in. My one hour kid's magic show is just the thing you need. Lot's of interactive routines, surprising magic, juggling - and even a live bunny rabbit too.

But listen - there are lots of kid's parties going on in Manhattan's UWS - and I' only book a handful of parties a day. If you're even thinking about booking a great magic show for your child's party don't delay. Fill out the form below now.


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