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It's Magic! Blue and Gold Dinner Entertainment in NY

Here's how you can make your Scout Troop's Blue and Gold Dinner a big hit! A live, professional magic show! Scout leaders all over New York choose my magic show for fun and exciting entertainment for the whole family.

Would Your Scouts Love a Live Magic Show?

  • Amazing

  • Magic

  • Juggling

  • Live Bunny

  • Comedy

  • Audience Participation

It's the perfect way to make your Blue & Gold FUN and EXCITING.

When I entertain at a scout parties, I always include members of the Scout troop in the show.

I use lots of audience volunteers to join me on stage during the magic show, and I always try to get a representative from each group. I'll do some tricks using the Tigers, Webelos, Cubs and scouts. This way the kids and feel like their group is represented. I do lots of parties for the Girl Scouts as well. Of course the Brownies want to be part of the magic show too.

I used to be a Scout myself and was a scoutmaster when my boys were younger. I really enjoyed being part of the Boy Scout experience. When I get a call to do a blue and gold dinner I always look forward to bringing the magic to the troop and making the event really fun and special for all the kids and their parents too. So magicians are only good at entertaining kids while others are really great at entertaining adults. I like to think that my show is perfectly designed for family audiences. I include lots of amazing magic that will astound the older kids plus I include lots of goofy stuff that the little guys enjoy too. I toss in some humor that's over the kids heads and the parents really enjoyed it.

To make this show really exciting I'd like to combine lots of different types of visual entertainment. I do a crazy comedy routine with a raccoon puppet, a very wacky juggling routine where I eat an apple while juggling, and I do lots of physical shtick too - visual sight gags and slapstick.

We typically do the show in the auditorium, sometimes on the stage and sometimes not. It all depends on how big your Scout troop is and what you are planning for the evening. The best time to do the show is after the awards have been handed out and everybody has eaten. Never try to combine entertainment while trying to feed children. It's just way too distracting. Have the scouts as their groups on the floor or if possible in folding chairs. Scoutmasters should be on hand to make sure the kids behave themselves, they usually do, but one disruptive kids can really take the wind out of a comedy routine.

If you're looking for something fun that all the scouts and their families will really enjoy I strongly recommend booking my magic show for 45 minutes after dinner. You're much more likely to get a big turnout when you're offering some sort of fun entertainment. If you're using the blue and gold as a fund raiser having a magic show is a great way to encourage parents to bring siblings  so you can sell more tickets and raise more money for the troop.

When you're ready to book your magic show for your troops blue and gold dinner anywhere in New York, give me a call right away. I travel all over NY and the show was always in demand. I recommend trying to book a show as early as possible.

Be sure to read my reviews on Facebook and check out my video. I can will supply you with references and testimonials upon request. I look forward to helping you make your scout troops blue and gold dinner a big hit.

photo credit: deflam via photopin cc


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