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Irish Coffee Pub – East Islip New York

Looking for a great party venue on Long Island? I recently performed my magic show at the Irish Coffee Pub, 131 Carleton Avenue

East Islip, NY 11730-1801, (631) 277-0007.  I do lots of entertaining at long the island parties but I’ve never had the opportunity to perform in this place before. I highly recommend it for parties out east.

I provided entertainment for a baptismal party on Saturday night for about 30 adults and 15 children.  When people are having a christening or first birthday party very often they have a wide range of ages at the party.  The party planner is always worried about how to keep the kids entertained. The adults want to get together and talk but children tend to get bored just sitting around restaurants. The smart party planner make sure to have entertainment to keep the kids occupied and happy.

My magic show is perfect for this type of family event because I’m able to entertain both children and adults.  The show was truly a family show.  Some magicians can only entertain little kids because their magic tricks aren’t clever enough to fool adults – other magicians are a bit too serious or even risqué to entertain kids.  I’m able to combine the very best of sleight-of-hand magic with very interactive standup comedy that makes the show very lively and engaging for audiences of all ages. Checkout Long Island Magicians for more information.

If you’re planning a communion party on Long Island or you’re having a dinner party for an outburst or read or first per day for christening you’re very likely going to have lots of kids at that event.  What are you going to do to keep them happy?  I bring my magic show in and the kids sit down in an organized way and have a great time.  I do tricks with lots of audience participation so that the kids and the adults get a chance to be part of the show, in fact they get to be the star of the show.  I mix and lots of things like juggling and puppetry and I even do a trick with a live bunny rabbit which really gets the kids excited..

Okay so back to my review of Irish Coffee Pub – East Islip New York – I have to say that the name of the place is totally misleading.  I expected to find a small tavern that smelled like old coffee and stale beer. I was stunned when I pulled up to see such a beautiful building. It’s the norm his event venue with a very modern look yet it’s very cozy and charming. The food is spectacular.  The service there was five stars. The staff helped pull off a great show that had the entire family applauding. There’s plenty of parking and it’s easy to get to. I’d imagine this would be a great place to have a communion party or a holiday party for your company or organization. I do lots of birthday parties in this place would be perfect for a very special occasion like a 40<sup>th</sup> or 50<sup>th</sup> birthday party or maybe a 25<sup>th</sup> anniversary party.

No, I don’t work for the place.  I just really feel that it is one of Long Islands better event venues.  Definitely check them out.


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