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How Much Does a Great Magician in New York City Cost?

According to this L.A. Times article:

In Manhattan, a monthly parking space goes for $550. A magician for a children's party asks $650 an hour. (A rookie will take $400.) The nanny gets $600 a week. Breakfast for four at a corner diner is $40; a dog walker is $10,000 a year; a plumber who makes emergency calls won't lift the toilet lid for less than $250.

Yes, throwing a great children's birthday party in New York City can be expensive for sure.  The fact is, you can always hire a cheap magician if you want to throw a cheap birthday party. But, is that what you really want to do?

When you're ready to hire the best magician in New York City (according to my mom) give me a call at my office.


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