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Holiday Party Entertainment in New York City

You're in charge of hiring the entertainment for this year's company event. You hired a great DJ - or even an amazing live band.  Now what?

How do you make this year's Holiday Party fun and memorable? How about some magic?

Each year, dozens of New York City businesses call me to bring fun and magic to their otherwise boring and predictable office party. What do I do?

The most popular request is for "walk-around" magic - that's where I stroll about the party doing all sorts of incredible sleight of hand for the guests. Right before their very eyes I make the magic happen. I read minds ... I make things magically appear and disappear.  The results?

Happy party people! See, not everyone at the party is going to dance ... not everyone is going to drink ... so how are you going to keep them happy?

If you are inviting clients or suppliers to the party - hire a magician. Why? Because if a client shows up to the party - chances are they don't know many people there. As a result they get bored and leave early ... but when you hire NYC's Greatest Magician (according to my mom) your clients will be astounded, amazed and amused ... they'll laugh and applaud and suddenly they're interacting with the other guests. Success!

The best times to have a magician at your party is during the cocktail hour, before dinner - or right after dinner. You don't want strolling entertainment going on while people are trying to eat.

Now what? Hurry up and call me! New York City is a busy town with lots and lots of parties ... and I'm only one guy! I can't be in two places at the same time (what do you think, I'm a magician?)

Call me now before I'm booked.


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