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Funny Magic for Children’s Parties in Hoboken, NJ.

When you’re planning a birthday party in Hoboken and you’re looking for a funny, professional magician well, you found him. I’ve been doing magic shows at children’s events and birthday parties all over the city for over 20 years!

The show is great for birthday parties for children of all different ages. For example, many Hoboken moms book the show for First Birthday Parties and Christenings because these parties tend to have a large number of children ranging in ages from very young toddlers to pre-teens. They want entertainment that isn’t too “babyish” for the older kids … but will still be fun for the little ones. A magic show works great at these types of events. I make sure to include lots of colorful and visual magic, silly slapstick humor … plus juggling … puppetry, and lots and lots of audience participation. The magic (sleight of hand and illusions … you won’t believe your eyes!) is amazing that even the adults stop what they’re doing to watch the show. Plus, my show includes lots of humor that cracks up moms and dads too. It is definitely not a cheesy magic show.

A Magic Show in Hoboken?

A word about clowns. A lot of Hoboken moms call me up and asked me if I can recommend a birthday party clown. I’ve been in the birthday party business a long time and in my honest opinion, I suggest you think twice before hiring a clown. Sure, there are some very nice professionals out there. But I’ve seen birthday parties absolutely destroyed when the children went into hysterics terrified by a clown! Think about it. In a circus or on TV the clown is at a safe distance …. But when a toddler is face-to-face with some dude wearing a wig and makeup … All I’m saying is I’ve seen it happen way too many times.

How about hiring a costume character for a party? Costume characters like Batman, Superman, Spiderman, or other superheroes can be fun for a few minutes. The costume characters will walk around, shake hands and then that’s about it. I’ve seen Batman making balloon animals. It was depressing.

Then you can hire people to show up in costumes dressed like Elmo or Mickey Mouse. The trouble with this plan is that these costumes don’t usually look very much like the real thing. Because all the characters I’ve mentioned are copyrighted and trademarked the party companies that rent out these costume characters can’t even call them by their full name. Instead of Barney the dinosaur, they’ll rent you a purple dinosaur costume.

When I was a kid I grew up in Brooklyn and I worked at a place called the House of Hocus-Pocus on Coney Island Avenue. We rented out all sorts of costumes and some of them were pretty ratty looking. Most had a very distinct odor to them too. And the guys we hired to dress up in these costumes? Kind of creepy.

Okay okay, so I’m using fear-mongering to sell your kid's magic show. Shame on me. You saw through it. But seriously, these costume characters and clowns sound like a good idea but they really don’t hold the kids attention. Older kids are not interested at all and the little ones are sometimes scared. That’s why so many people both a magic show for children’s birthday parties or other types of events for kids.

Q&A Booking a Magician in Hoboken NJ

Question. How long is your magic show?

My magic show usually runs about 45 minutes up to an hour depending upon your party plan. Saturday and Sundays are my busiest days. I’m in Hoboken several times a month.

What is the best time to schedule the show to start?

The best time to schedule a magic show to start is about half an hour into the party. This gives the kids about 30 minutes to show up and settle in before the magic begins. After my show, serve the cake and ice cream and you are good to go!

Do you have a bunny rabbit in your magic show?

Not any more!

Firstly - animals are not props! They're living creatures who deserve to be treated well.

My show schedule on weekends keeps me on the road all day. That's too much travel (in hot weather, especially).

Secondly - more and more kids are allergic to fur. That's no fun!

Thirdly - lawyers and insurance.

Do you wear a top hat and cape?

Do you?

Okay maybe I’m not that traditional. Or it could be that my giant size 8 head has trouble fitting into the limited supply of top hats on the market, but I try to wear more current clothing. Walking around like a Victorian-era magician kind of went out of fashion before I was born.

How much room do you need for the show?

I don’t need a lot of room to do the magic show. People will both be to perform in apartments in Hoboken which can get kind of cramped when you have 20 or 30 the kids invited. I set up the show in the corner of a room away from doorways or any other distractions and the children sit on the carpet a few feet away. I don’t need a lot of room at all. When I performing in a restaurant or party venue are typically set up in front of the DJ or on the dance floor. The show is extremely flexible and easy for me to set up almost anywhere.

Can you perform the show outdoors?

Well, not in February in New Jersey.  But yes, I’m often seen in Hoboken doing parties on rooftops, parks and backyards in the summertime. As I said, the show is extremely flexible.

What age ranges do you perform for?

I perform different types of shows with different set lists depending upon the ages of the kids and the number of guests. So if I’m performing at a bar mitzvah for teenagers all do more sophisticated magic than I would if I were performing for a group of five euros. All of my material is customized for that audience. Since I’ve been a professional magician for so long I have so many different tricks to bring in depending upon the audience.

Do you do magic for adults as well?

Yes, I do. I’m often hired by corporations to entertain at employee and customer appreciation events. Holiday parties are also very popular. Company picnics, team-building events and even morning meetings are all little bit more fun when you add a bit of magic comedy.

Is there any place I can see you performing around Hoboken?

Yes, while I mostly do private events you can see me occasionally doing public shows as well.

Well, I hope I hit all the questions that you might have about planning a party in Hoboken. My final tip is if you’re thinking about hiring a magician, try to schedule it as soon as possible. I only accept three-show bookings per day so that I  can keep my energy up and show up at every party on time and ready to perform an amazing show. That means my calendar sells out every single weekend. Please, don’t delay calling me today.


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