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Hire New York City's Best Strolling Magician for Your Holiday Party

Magic entertainment is a great addition to holiday parties of all kinds, adding both excitement and laughter for guests of all ages. Brian McGovern, the NYC strolling magician is particularly well-suited to events with lots of mingling or during dinner, as they can perform table-to-table or group-to-group.

What is strolling magic?

Strolling magic, also called walk-around magic or close-up magic, is performed without props or a stage. The magician performs for small groups of people, usually no more than 5-10 at a time. This type of magic is very intimate and personal, allowing the audience to see the tricks up close and personal.

What can I expect from a strolling magician?

I will amaze your guests with amazing feats of close-up sleight of hand and illusion. Your guests will witness impossible miracles right in front of their eyes.

My sleight of hand is done with everyday objects like coins, cards, and rope. My mind magic also called mentalism mental magic, will stun your guests as I read their minds, predict their actions, and control their decisions.

A professional magician can provide entertainment for your guests that is unique, interactive, and memorable. Magic is the perfect icebreaker for adults, and a skilled magician can keep your guests entertained and engaged throughout your event. Hiring a professional magician is an excellent way to add excitement and intrigue to your party.

Why hire Brian McGovern the magician?

Brian McGovern is a professional magician based in New York City. He has decades of experience performing at corporate events, private parties, and public venues. Brian is a highly skilled performer with a versatile repertoire that includes close-up magic, mentalism, and large-scale illusions. He is also a highly experienced events coordinator and can work with you to customize his performance to your specific event needs.

Brian specializes in performing close-up magic at corporate events. Close-up magic is a type of magic that is performed close to the audience, typically within arm's reach. This type of magic is very intimate and engaging, and it is often used to break the ice at parties and events. Brian McGovern is a highly skilled close-up magician and can perform a variety of tricks and illusions that will amaze and delight your guests.

Want to really impress and amaze your guests? Ask Brian about his mentalism and mind magic show “Mind Scams.”

In this show, Brian uses a combination of magic and mentalism to scam his way into the minds of his audience members. This show is perfect for parties and events where you want to add an element of mystery and suspense.

Brian McGovern is a highly experienced and professional magician who can provide entertainment for your next party or event. Contact Brian today to learn more about his services and to book him for your next event.


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