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Halloween Party Magician New York City

Looking for a fun way to make your next Halloween Party magical and fun? Magic and Halloween are perfect together.

Each year I'm asked to entertain the kids at Halloween parties all over NYC. It's one of my favorite times of year, and my Halloween Magic Show is the perfect way to make an ordinary party lots of fun.

Magician for Fun Halloween Parties in NYC

Many schools, community groups and businesses sponsor a safe Halloween party. It's a safe, fun alternative to trick or treating. Typically the children are invited to attend the party in costume and they get safe treats. But then what?

A hundred little kids .. hopped up on sugar ... in an indoor space. Yikes! How do you keep them happy and entertained? ( cue the hero music ) .... ME!

My children's magic show is just the trick. I mix magic tricks with comedy, juggling and even the world's most adorable bunny rabbit. The show runs for about 45 minutes but of course I can make it shorter or longer, depending on your plans.

How much does it cost to hire a magician in New York City for a kid's party?

It depends! Some parties require audio, lighting and sound ... others don't require a microphone. Some parties require loading in 3 hours before the show ... others are easy. It really depends on the date, time and size of the show ... so my best advice is to call me.

But don't wait too long! Halloween is one of the busiest days of the year for magicians. Why? Because a magic show is the perfect entertainment for this spooky, magical day. Did you know that October 31st is "National Magic Day?" ( No, of course you didn't know that, you're not a magic geek like me). And do you know why Halloween is National Magic Day? It's actually the anniversary of Harry Houdini's death. The world's greatest magician died on Oct. 31st, 1926.

Besides Halloween, Oct 31st is still busy because weekends are always full of birthday parties and of course, what would a Manhattan birthday party be without the best magician in New York City? (That's me ... see how subtle I am, it's amazing).

So, moms and dads if you want to make this year's Halloween Party for Children extra special why not pick up that phone and give me a call?

Sure ... you can waste time reading my reviews ... but don't wait too long! This Halloween is going to sell out!


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