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Great Kids’ Party Entertainment on Long Island

Looking for great entertainment for a children’s party on Long Island? A magician, clown, DJ’, rides, face painter, juggler, balloon sculptor … so many choices! What is the best entertainment for your child’s party and how can you get the best deal?

If you’re throwing a party on Long Island you know that kids have seen it all. Long Island is home to some of the classiest and some of the tackiest parties on earth.  So, how do you add some classy entertainment that the kids will love? Just follow these 7 tips and you’ll be well on your way to your best party ever.

  1. Know Your Guests. I’ve seen parents terrify toddlers by hiring scary looking clowns and costumed characters. If your party guests are very young don’t hire entertainment that will scare them. A kids magician will bring lots of fun but without the scary looking costumes.

  2. See Your Entertainer in Person. Anybody can throw up a website that makes them look like professional and experienced party entertainers. When possible, always go and see a performer before you hire them.

  3. Ask For References and Check Them. While they may forward you glowing testimonials it’s smart to pick up the phone and check them out. Find out if the entertainer was successful for your type of event.

  4. Match The Performer With The Audience. A magician that does great at small party for 5 year-olds may not be the one to hire for a big bar-mitzvah with lots of teenagers.  The juggler who was hilarious at a raunchy retirement party isn’t a natural fit for a Cub Scout party.

  5. Book Early. You can often save quite a bit of money on party entertainment by booking well in advance and paying upfront. Just be sure to check references before sending any money.

  6. Book Direct. Skip the talent agencies that mark up the price of entertainment. Go directly to the entertainer and book the party with him or her directly. Just be sure they have a backup plan in place in case they have an emergency and have to cancel on you. Sometimes going through an established agency is worth it for just this reason. Also, not all talent agencies cost more.

  7. Get Personal Recommendations. If you can’t check out the party entertainer in person, get a referral from a trusted source. Many New York catering halls have kick-back arrangements with the vendors they recommend. They won’t always recommend the one that does the best for you and instead shill the one that pays them the most. Most Long Island country club general managers never accept commissions. They’re main concern is keeping their members happy. If you belong to a golf or country club, ask the manager to suggest a quality party entertainer.

Finding great birthday party on Long Island doesn’t have to be tricky! A quick way of getting recommendations without spending all day calling friends all over Nassau County and Suffolk County is Facebook. Just post a request like, “Can anyone recommend a great magician for a child’s birthday party?” Give it a try.


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