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Funny Magician for Kids in Mineola New York

Magic is the perfect entertainment for children's parties. When you're hosting a party at your home or in a restaurant for kids you know you have to keep the children entertained, unless you want pandemonium. I did a show on Old Country Road one time ... boy was that mom thrilled when my show started. She had invited the WHOLE CLASS to the party. (Seriously reconsider inviting your child's entire class to the party ... 15 crazy 8 year boys can do a lot of crazy). I usually recommend making the invite list match the age of the birthday child .... 3-year-old, invite 3 friends, 6 year-olds, invite 6 friends ... or up to 15. That's the max for kids under 6 ... unless you like making yourself crazy.

Thankfully, many Mineola Moms don't listen to me. And when they realize that they have no idea how to keep 15 to 35 kids happy for a party ... they call me. Most tell me that they've hired other children's entertainment in the past and my show was way better .... for example, one lady hired a birthday party clown who showed up an hour after the party was over. Why? Because she booked her entertainment with a party company. Most Long Island party companies do not send out professional entertainers (there's a reason they're so cheap ... these so-called entertainers are part-timers who don't take the job seriously ... this week's they're a clown, next week they're working a cashier job ...)

Me? I must be good. I'm a full-time professional and that means my reputation is vital to me. I must be on time ... so I show up early. I must do a good show ... so I do a great one. There's one crusty-old-grouchy magician who somehow manages to get booked for kid's parties. He does lame magic ... he's not funny and even the 5-year-olds can figure out his tricks.

So ... what makes my magic show best for your party?

First off, I've got years and years of professional performing experience. I not only do parties ... I appear at comedy clubs, concerts, fairs and other events all over Long Island. That means I can handle any type of audience. Next, my show is more than just magic: I do comedy, juggling and I even have a live bunny rabbit too.

It's hard to believe that a kid's magician would do a show without a live bunny ... but I don't know many who do it. Your kids will be delighted when my bunny appears.


Can you recommend a place for Communion parties in Mineola Long Island?

There are plenty of places around ... Piccola Bussola comes to mind. It's a lovely family restaurant with room for a nice party. Piccola's (yes there's another place by that name) was also a nice party room. I remember the staff was very helpful and friendly. And of course, Jericho Terrace ... this is a spot for communion parties and Christenings.

Do you do magic shows at Communion Parties?

I do ... but it is hard to book me in May ... I have customers booking me a year in advance. But give me a call.

Is your magic show fun for little kids?

Magic is great for most ages ... 3 is about the youngest I would want to do magic for. Ages 4 through 8 love my silly and colorful magic show for kids. For ages 9 to 12 I do more sophisticated stuff. And yes, I perform for teens.

Do you do magic for Bar Mitzvahs?

Yep ... usually I do walk around magic. That is, I do close-up magic while mingling. I go from table to table or stroll about the cocktail hour doing incredible sleight of hand and mind reading magic.

OK ... I look forward to hearing from you soon!

I love Mineola Moms! I've been doing lots and lots of birthday parties and communion parties all around Mineola ever since I heard I was "in good" with the moms. :)


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