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Funny and Amazing Magician in Brooklyn?

I've been performing at parties all over Brooklyn since I was a kid. If you're looking for a funny and amazing magician for your next party .... if you want a show that is part stand-up comedy, part sleight of hand magic you're in the right place!

Below is a bit of a bio and a rambling blog post ... if you want info about the magic show for birthday parties, click here.

I started doing magic when I was about six years old when my big sister bought me a magic kit for Christmas. From there I scoured the library on Flatbush Avenue and Avenue P and checked out every book on the magic they had, over and over again. One year my sister took me to see Doug Henning's Magic Show on Broadway, and another time to Richardi's World of Illusion at the Village Gate. That's where I saw Professor Bobby Baxter perform. It changed everything. Sure, I loved the tigers, the doves and the dramatic buzz saw illusion ... but it was the comedy and magic of Bobby Baxter I loved most of all.

In high school, I discovered a magic shop on Coney Island Avenue and went there every chance I could.  One day I got good enough for the owner to hire me to do a birthday party show. I look back at that first show and laugh.

My mom drove me to that first show and lots more after that. Bit by bit I built up my skills and showmanship. I started busking (street performing) around NYC, especially around the World Trade Center. Later I hit the comedy club circuit and at one point did pure stand-up, with no magic.

It's been fun! I've performed all over New York and in every neighborhood in Brooklyn. I hope I can entertain you and your guests soon!


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