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Fun Party Themes for Children

Deciding on a party theme is as easy as A,B,C. Here’s how to plan a great party.

For children a special birthday is always enjoyable and also the best time to celebrate with friends. Youngsters really like absolutely nothing better than a fun-filled birthday party, and themed parties are among their favorites.

A party theme can really make the event amazing for kids and much more unforgettable for all the adults too. Pick your party concept in line with the age of your son or daughter and the ages of your guests. Remember, you don’t’ want anything scary for toddlers or too babyish for older kids. Also, try to pick a gender neutral party theme if you’re inviting both boys and girls. Ask your youngster to recommend concepts if they’re old enough. The best party themes for youngsters which can be certain to please everyone are:

Pirates of The Caribbean Party Theme: The pirate themed party can be a big hit with either girls or boys. Your little guests will have a  great time swashbuckling around the party. There are plenty of party activities you can customize fit in with this theme. Instead of “Pin the Tail on The Donkey,” you can play “X Marks The Spot!” Just use a treasure map instead of the donkey picture and a paper X instead of a tail. You can even them the menu and invitations to tie in with the pirate concept. Ahoy!

Magical Princess Party: For anybody planning a party for a little girl, “Magical Princess” motif will rarely disappoint. Just about all little girls love to dress up as princesses. Throwing a Princess themed birthday bash can give your daughter and her good friends the chance to get decked out in a gorgeous princess costume for the day. Use a lot of glitter and pretty costume outfit jewelry. Make sure their magical princess wands are all set. You’ve got an instant party hit!

Cartoon Theme: Most youngsters love cartoons! Hosting a party that gives youngsters the chance to dress up as their most favorite character makes for a really fun party. Finding a costume is easy – in fact it’s a great way to get double use from your old Halloween costumes. There are countless party decorating packages online that supple hats, napkins, table cloths, balloons and more.

Whenever you host a dress-up party, it makes sense to have a few spare costume parts available for any guests who might have forgotten to bring their own. You never want to make it impossible for other parents to get all the corresponding costumes, so either pick a really simple theme or supply the dress-up materials.

It doesn't matter which type theme you decide on for your kid’s birthday - you can make the event and the entire day much more exciting and unique by taking a theme and playing it all the way through to the entertainment, food, cards, and activities. It’s a fun and affordable way to produce the ideal environment for the celebration, and will ensure that every one of your tiny guests have a memorable day.

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