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Finding the Best Birthday Party Magician in New York City

The search for NYC's Best Magician for kids ...

Recently I returned to Chelsea Piers to do my magic show. I've performed many magic shows at this popular New York City venue and the parents tell me how my show saved the party time and time again. The typical birthday party package at Chelsea Piers gives the kids access to the play area. The staff is very good at keeping the kids organize but after a while, the children grow bored.

The most successful parties there always bring in outside entertainment. Sure, the kids love to run around and scream, but after a while it’s just noisy and tedious. That’s why people booked my magic show for birthday parties. With my show, your party gives a birthday child and his or her friends a memorable and magical experience. Instead of just running around a noisy playroom, eating pizza and leaving, all the children get to experience a fun filled magic show.

The secret to a great children’s magic show is the rapport that the magician builds with the audience. I've had parents and teachers come up to me after a show awestruck at how I was able to keep the kids totally enchanted for the whole show. By using audience management tricks that I've picked up over the 30 years of performing magic shows around New York City, I’m able to take any group of kids and turn them into an organized and happy audience. This skill is especially important when I’m performing in party venues like Chelsea Piers or Pizzeria Uno or half a dozen other popular New York City party venues for kids.

When you’re entertaining very young kids it’s vitally important to minimize distractions. I work with the staff and party host to plan the perfect way to present the show. I carefully select the performance space and organize the seating arrangements.

I find that the perfect NYC birthday party plan is a two-hour party. I always suggest that parents give their guests 30 minutes to settle in whether the party is at a party venue or in an apartment. That half hour allows for late arrivals and gives the children time to explore the new setting, have a few light snacks, and play with friends. Then, start the magic show.

My magic show usually runs about 45 minutes to an hour, depending upon how old the children are, and how many guests are in the audience and other factors. I customized by magic show for all different ages. I can perform a fun magic show for toddlers in a completely different one for older children and pre-teens. With younger kids, I keep the magic very colorful and simple to follow. I don’t use any complicated or abstract tricks that they won’t understand. I mix and lots of goofy stuff too. I’m a bit of a clown ( don’t worry I’m not an actual birthday clown  ), so I get the kids laughing using visual humor, slapstick, corny jokes and many surprises.

For older children I always include cool magic tricks. I do tricks that leave them completely confounded, amazed, confused, and amused. After the show, they come up to me asking me, “How do you do it?”

My show is not just magic. I mix in other things that kids love like juggling, puppetry, comedy, and lots of audience participation. Did I mention a live bunny rabbit too? A magician without a live bunny rabbit is a bit of a downer. Parents and kids expect a magician to have a bunny rabbit and I never let them down. My bunny does some amazing magic tricks that are funny to the birthday party crowd.

My magic show is available all over New York City. I've done birthday parties in Central Park, Sweet 16 parties in hotel ballrooms, communion parties in Tribeca, bar mitzvahs on the upper East side, christenings on W. 57<sup>th</sup> St, school fun days in Morningside Heights, sorts of parties all over NYC.

I’m one of the busiest magicians in New York so if you’re interested in booking me for your child’s party make sure you call me right away. I can only do three or four parties a day at most, and I get far more requests than I can handle.

Whether your child is turning one and this is the first birthday party you’re planning or if you’re an old hand at kids’ birthdays, I’m sure you’ll love my magic show. If there’s one key thing that separates me from my competition I’d say it’s the fact that my show is pretty funny to the grown-ups. Most kids’ entertainment is nauseating. I have four kids myself and I can’t stand watching most children’s entertainment. That’s why my show is so popular with parents. I tossed and lots of humor that over the children’s heads that the parents really enjoy.

Well, that’s it for me. Be sure to check out my reviews and watch my video. I have a huge list of fans over at Facebook and you can read all their comments and show reviews.

photo credit: Dr. RawheaD via photopin cc


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