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Finding a Great Magician for Kids in New York

You're planning a birthday party for your child when it hits you. "How am I going to keep a bunch of kids under control and happy?" Maybe you'll hire a magician? But how do you find a good one?

First, don't look for bargains. You hire a cheap party entertainer and guess what? You end up with a performer who isn't in demand. (If you don't have a good product the only way to compete is by being cheap, true?) Usually, a really cheap party magician is either inexperienced or not very entertaining.

How Much Do Magicians Charge for Parties in New York City?

A typical children's party magician will charge about $450 to $650 for a show. I've seen decent magicians charge only $275 ... I've seen very successful ones charge over $800 for the same type of party.

What to Avoid When Hiring a Magician

If you want to make sure you're hiring a real professional, avoid booking your entertainer through a party store or a random party entertainment agency. Most party stores book anyone out for parties, many times without even seeing the act. In my 30 + years of performing magic all over New York I have been booked by dozens of "agents" who never took the time to meet me, never mind audition me! Typically these "agents" quote a price and take a deposit before they even check to see who is available.  After you've paid your deposit they get on the phone and call anyone they can find! You end up paying a premium for a substandard show!

The Best Magician for Children's Parties in New York

"Who is the best magician in New York?"  That depends.

Some magicians work with live animals like bunnies and doves. Some don't.

Some magicians are really funny, some act dark and mysterious.

Some are great with toddlers, others are great with older kids, others with adults. It all depends on what you want.

How to Find The Right Entertainer for Your Child's Party?

Ask around ... check out the performers videos. Check out their Facebook fan pages.

Or just call me.



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