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Entertainment for New York Christening Parties

Planning a christening party, and want to make sure that all your guests have a great time? If you’re inviting friends and family with kids, you need some way to keep the children happy during the event.

If your baptismal party is in a restaurant or a party then you’ll need some fun activities and entertainment otherwise the children will be bored and annoying their parents! They’ll ask their parents repeatedly, “When are we leaving?” Instead of everyone sitting around having a great time enjoying good food and conversation the children will be climbing the walls.

Family & Kid Party Entertainer

Finding the right party entertainment for your event requires looking at your guest list and party schedule. The more children you invite, the more you need party entertainment unless you want parents to be distracted instead of enjoying themselves. A good, professional children’s party entertainer will keep the kids happily amused while parents enjoy themselves at the table and on the dance floor.

I do many parties at christenings all over New York. Most party planners will bring me in right after the meal has been served, towards the middle of the party. I can set up my magic show to entertain the children in the corner of the room where I can do a bigger show for all of your guest.

Magician for Christening Parties

Unlike a birthday party, a family of them like a christening has many children of different ages. That’s what makes a magic show ideal. Hiring a party clown is a sure way to turn off the older children and possibly scare the daylights out of the toddlers (not to mention creeping out a number of grown-ups like me!)

Fun for Family Events

My show runs for about one hour at most christenings. I can always do a longer or shorter show depending upon your requirements, but a one-hour magic show is ideal. I find this to be the best format. I open the show with sleight-of-hand combined with standup comedy. The show is very interactive. I try to engage all the kids by making them part of the magic show. I use lots of audience volunteers to help me with my illusions, parents love to watch their kids get up on stage and become the star of the show.

I also mix in other variety arts in order to keep the show interesting. I do juggling, standup comedy, puppetry, balloon sculptures, slapstick, jokes and lots of very visual stuff that will keep their interest. I even do a trick with a live bunny rabbit that everybody loves.

Available All Over New York

My magic show travels all over New York. I do shows in New York City, including Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Bronx, and Manhattan and I cover all of Long Island. If you’re doing a party on Long Island, call me! I go from Nassau County to Suffolk County. I even go to Westchester County and New Jersey, no problem. (I'm a magician, after all)

Don't Miss Out

The only problem might be looking my show before it sells out. I’m only one guy, and New York is a big town full of parties every single weekend. Don’t delay, if you’re thinking about booking the party right away before I sell out. Fill out the form below!


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