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Entertainment for Long Island Christening Parties

Congratulations! You're planning your baby's baptism and Christening party. Once you've picked the date you'll need a place to host your party. Long Island offers a large number of party venues and restaurants that are perfect for family events.

As a Long Island party entertainer I perform at many Christening parties throughout the year. Plenty of people host the party at home and many book catering halls, meeting rooms or private rooms at restaurants. If you have the room, hosting the party at home can be great (although prep, decorating and clean up after the party can be exhausting).  A christening party at home gives you more time to spend with your guests ... a plus for some and a minus for others. There are some relatives you don't want to spend a lot of time with.

Restaurants are a good alternative for smaller parties - but if you're inviting lots of families with children a restaurant is not the best choice. The kids get bored fast - and soon they'll be running around the restaurant and causing a scene. So, be sure to have entertainment!

For little kids, bring along some craft items. Coloring books, crayons and washable markers (yes, washable markers ... you don't want to get a bill for wallpaper from the venue).

But if you want fun entertainment for a Long Island Christening party - why not book a funny and entertaining magic show?

Why magic? Magic appeals to young and old alike - when it is performed by an experiences professional. Watching your Uncle Marty do card tricks and pull coins out of your ear is not quite the same.

My magic show is designed for family parties ... it's not like hiring a children's birthday party clown ( clowns are too "babyish" for the older kids and some of them just creep out the little ones ... some of the adults get creeped out by clowns too)

I combine stand-up comedy with sleight of hand - which means the show is funny, engaging and magical.

Plus, I get your guests to be part of the show. I use lots of audience participation - that means everyone gets to be part of the fun. And, I also mix in things like juggling and puppetry too. And ... I have a live bunny rabbit that all the kids will love.

When it comes time to book entertainment for your child's baptism - anywhere on Long Island from Nassau County to  Suffolk County (yep, even the Hamptons) I hope you'll give me a call!


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