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Downtown Manhattan Birthday Parties

Planning a birthday party in Lower Manhattan? Looking for fun entertainment for kids parties?

I recently did a magic show for a children's birthday party at Harry's Cafe and Steak (formerly known as Harry's at Hanover. While you may not think of it as a place for a kid's party (because it's packed with Wall Street suits during the week) it's actually a great spot for a brunch or lunchtime party.

NYC Birthday Party Magician

The food is great, but you will need entertainment! Might I suggest my magic show? It's perfect for a family party when you want entertainment the whole family can enjoy. Some kid's entertainers are hard to watch. They talk to the kids in that sickening, insincere sing-song voice - and the parents can't watch for more than a minute.

My show is a bit different. The parents actually are surprised when they find themselves getting caught up in the show along with the children.

South Street Seaport. The Seaport makes for a good day trip but it's not ideal for a children's birthday party. On a typical weekend it's crowded with tourist. The main activity here is shopping -so take the kids for a fun place to shop and look at a ship - but don't plan on partying here.

I suppose the Bodies Exhibit would make a fun field trip for older children - but I don't think it's a fun place for little children. Somehow children playing around the exploited remains of unknown people makes me a bit sick. Does anyone know where these bodies came from? I heard they're from China ... are these the remains of political prisoners that some prison official sold?

Sorry ... I'm supposed to be giving you party ideas and here I am going on about corpses. Maybe I should have studied marketing.

Birthday Parties at South Street Seaport Restaurants.

RED is a noisy nightspot that serves up Tex-Mex in the Historic Cobble Stone District of the Seaport. You can rent the second floor out. The food is good and reasonably priced. Just keep the kids away from the top-shelf tequila.

Uno Chicago Grill - Seaport, Manhattan

89 South St New York, NY 10038

Recommended! Yes ... this is the place to have your child's party in Lower Manhattan. Why? Uno is a family restaurant ... before you stick your nose up at a chain restaurant remember that kids love pizza. And even if I'm a pizza snob from way back (best pizza on planet is Lenny & John's on Flatbush Avenue ) I have to admit Uno serves a great Chicago style.

Make Your Own Pizza. Kid's enjoy this part of the process. At Uno they get to add their own sauce and cheese. That may not seem like a sensationally fun thing to you, but your birthday boy or girl will enjoy it.

More info here.

But again ... you're going to need some entertainment. The pizza making thing lasts for 15 minutes - so book my magic show for the party! While the pizzas are waiting to bake I'll do a fun hour of comedy, magic, juggling, balloons and even do a magic trick with a real live bunny rabbit.

New York City Party Entertainment

For more information on magicians New York, Staten Island Magic Shows, Long Island Magic Shows, Brooklyn Magician or Bronx Magician, give me a call at my office.


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