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Douglaston NY Magician

Are you planning a birthday party in Douglaston, New York? Looking for a great magic showed entertain all your guests? My comedy magic show is perfect for private parties. It features plenty of amazing sleight-of-hand magic and sidesplitting comedy. This family-style magic show is just the thing for any event where you want to add some fun.

Birthday parties are my specialty. The show includes lots of audience participation and mind-boggling magic that is sure to delight children of all ages. I even had a slight bunny rabbit that doesn't amazing magic trick to. Balloon animals, juggling, and lots of other fun and colorful surprises.

Best Douglaston New York Magicians

I perform at all types of events around Douglaston. From family events like christenings and communions to backyard birthday parties and Christmas celebrations. I do magic shows for Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts groups, private company events, grand openings, anniversary parties, family reunions and more. I'd appeared the Douglaston Manor and lots of other catering halls throughout the area. All up-and-down Northern Boulevard, Little Neck Bay, Bayside and even in Douglaston Park.

When you want a professional magician who will entertain both children and adults give me a call. You could check out my reviews and even watch my goofy video. A full-time professional magician and I travel around Queens New York as well as Long Island and the rest New York City.

Sleight-of-hand plus comedy plus audience participation equals a fun and memorable magical event. You could book a birthday party clown, or costumed character for birthday party but experience is shown that these are not really very entertaining for the broad ranges of ages at a party. Sure SpongeBob shows up and waves his hand, Batman poses for a few pictures or maybe Elmo dances around but after about six minutes it's pretty boring. It won't keep the kids engaged. And you may find that some of the youngest kids are terrified by scary looking party clowns and bizarre costumed characters.

If you're having a family party where the kids are going to be ranging in age from toddlers to teens you definitely want to have somebody that does a family magic show that everybody can enjoy. Some children's entertainers to shows that are only good for very small children and end up alienating the older kids. Other performers are to sophisticated for little kids or they lack the patience and attention that is required to really entertain toddlers. With my show you get the best of both worlds.

Next time planning a party I hope you give me a call.

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