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Deer Park NY Party Places

Deer Park NY Party Venue Review: Verde

I entertained for a wonderful 1st Birthday Party in Deer Park last week. If you are looking for a very nice, spacious party room for a family event, read on.

I performed at a Communion Party at  Papa Joe’s in Deer Park, in the large party room. I was surprised to see the new Verde Wine Bar and Ristorante was in its place. “This is going to be fun,” I thought. The last time I was here, we had a great time. How would it be this time?


The waitstaff were amazing. Anytime the waiters are bending over backwards to serve the entertainment – you know you’re in a great venue. The waiters here were so helpful.


Verde is located at 450 Commack Road in Deer Park, New York. It a nice location for you folks out east – but easy to get to by the Northern State Parkway. A very easy ride.


Verde has a huge parking lot. Plenty of room for all your guests. As a full time, professional magician I love a place with lots of easy parking. Right after this show I was scheduled to perform in Hampton Bay – and I was able to jump on the parkway in minutes ( just like magic).


Verde has a classy and eclectic look. The combine antiques with reclaimed rustic finds – to create a modern but comfortable setting.


I didn’t eat ( I usually skip when I am performing ) but I wish I did. The food seemed great, judging by the many happy faces.

The New York Times gave Verde a nice write up:

“WHAT WE LIKED Grilled octopus, fresh mozzarella, pork belly three ways, Caesar salad, house salad, Margherita pizza, cavatelli Bolognese, toasted linguine, the burger, short ribs, lasagna, all desserts … The menu at Verde is a mix of Old World favorites from the Papa Joe’s days and creative modern Italian dishes with a New American twist. Everything is homemade, from the focaccia and Italian bread in the basket to the luscious desserts. Even the accompaniments like fig jam, ricotta and ketchup are made in house.”


Verde is a great place for a First Birthday, Communion or other family event. I imagine it is great for office parties, retirement dinners, anniversary parties and so on. If you have a lot of children as guests, you’ll probably want to hire entertainment.

Magician in Deer Park

I travel all over Long Island with my magic show. Deer Park is one of my frequent stops. I do a lot of birthday parties …


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