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Communion Party Room Per Un’ Angelo in Wantagh NY

If you're looking for a nice party room in Wantagh, with excellent food, service and decor - I recommend Per Un’ Angelo.

  • Location The party room is located at 3275 Byron Street, Wantagh, NY 11793. Just a few blocks off the Wantagh Expressway, it's easy to reach via the Southern State or Northern State Parkways. The hotel is easy to find - so you don't have to worry about guests getting lost along the way.

  • Parking On a busy day I may have 3 or 4 shows to do - so I appreciated the parking lot located adjacent to the restaurant. The parking lot was full, but I was able to get parking on the street easily. No valet to tip - always a plus for me.

  • Room Wantagh NY I did my magic show in a large party room that easily sat 50 guests. I'm sure it could seat more. Every seat had an unobstructed view of the show. The restaurant provides ambient music - so unless you want to dance, you don't need to hire a DJ here for an afternoon affair.Decor The restaurant has a classic Italian feel ... and lovely aroma too.

  • Food When I perform I usually don't eat or drink at the party - so I can't give you a firsthand review. But from what I could see and smell .... it was wonderful. The guests loved it.  You can read reviews of the food on Trip Advisor.

  • Service The staff were extremely helpful. The waiters and hostess helped me get set up quickly and were so helpful. Entertainment for parties. My magic & comedy show went over well here. There were two parties going on at the same time - so I had to be careful not to be too loud. I sure hope all the laughter and applause didn't bother the party next door. This is a great party room for family events. Communion Parties, Baptisms, 1st Birthday Parties. Not sure if they serve Kosher, but I imagine it would be nice for a small Bar Mitzvah. If you do book a party here, please tell Rose I sent you! She will help you plan a great party. If you book a party with lots of kids ... I strongly recommend you book my magic and comedy show. Children get bored if all there is to do is sit at the table. And bored children become misbehaving children. Instead, book a fun and interactive magic show. My show is perfect for Family Events - where you have a wide range of ages.


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