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Comedian & Magician for Long Island Adult Parties

This Saturday night I’ll be appearing at a 40th birthday party in Long Island, doing my comedy magic show for a group of friends at a North Shore eatery. It’s a surprise birthday party for my client’s wife and they’re expecting about 70 or 80 guests. They hired me to do stand-up comedy magic and get the crowd going.

New York City Comedy Club Comic for Long Island Parties

When I perform stand-up comedy for private party I always use lots of audience participation. At this particular event, the crowd is pretty wild and the host asked me to get a little silly with the audience. Normally when I perform for a corporate event or a more formal party I don’t bust chops were tease the audience too much, but that’s exactly what my client wants at this party.

My stand-up set includes comedy club style jokes in improve and amazing magic that gets the audience completely amazed and amused. I typically recommend a 30-minute stand-up set when it is a surprise. I find that if people are not expecting to watch a show and they’re planning on dancing and talking with friends it’s best not to put a long stand-up set on.

While my humor gets wild and crazy, it’s not raunchy, racist, or offensive. I personally believe you can be funny without having to resort to an exorbitant amount of foul language. That’s just my style, but one of my favorite acts in the world is Otto and George. Talk about raunchy, racist and offensive!

Clean comedy doesn't have to be boring, and comedy for adults doesn't have to be full of four letter words and raunchy references. Besides stand up comedy, my Magic adds a new dimension to the show. It’s a great way to entertain your guests, regardless of their ages or backgrounds.

Some people book me to perform stand-up magic for adult parties; others will be performed close-up magic. With close-up magic, I stroll around the party doing  sleight-of-hand illusions right before your very eyes. The guests see the magic up close and personal. I usually do this kind of magic during the cocktail hour were after dinner.

Whether you’re planning a party in your house, on the patio, at a restaurant or bar or any other place, think about bringing in some fun entertainment to make your party more memorable and fun for all your guests.

I travel all over New York. The show is available on Long Island, both Nassau County and Suffolk County,New York City,Brooklyn,Queens,Staten Island, the Bronx, and Manhattan. I travel to Westchester,Connecticut New Jersey but if you’re willing to pay the airfare, I can pretty much go anywhere.

Now I know you’re looking at this website thinking, isn't this guy a birthday party magician? Yeah, yeah. Yes, I do a ton of kids’ birthday parties every year, but the show I performed for your grown-up gas is completely different!


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