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Close-Up Magic for Private Parties in New York City

Close-up magic is a type of sleight-of-hand entertainment that is ideal for smaller gatherings. It's particularly great for private parties in New York City because it can be tailored to suit any occasion. When hiring close-up magicians for private parties, consider the following:

1. Choose a magician who is experienced in performing close-up magic. Look for reviews and ask for references to make sure they are reliable and can work well with a crowd.

2. Make sure the magician is able to work in your venue.

3. Ask how the magician can customize the performance to fit your event.

4. Make sure the magician can accommodate the size of your party.

5. Consider the budget. There are many options available, so make sure to get quotes from different close-up magicians.

6. Consider the atmosphere. Do you want a more lighthearted show that will keep the laughs rolling or a more mysterious and serious show?

Brian McGovern is a sleight-of-hand artist who specializes in close-up, walk-around magic. Walk-around magic is perfect for private parties. Brian has years of experience amazing New Yorkers at private events. His repertoire has something for everyone and can be tailored to any crowd.

If you are looking for an engaging and interactive performance for your private party, book Brian for close-up, walk-around magic that will have your guests amazed and captivated.

Brian reads minds and predicts the future in his show “Mind Scams.” It’s a fun and interactive mentalism program that leaves audiences speechless.

Your private party is sure to be a hit with Brian McGovern’s close-up magic. Contact him today to bring his show to you.


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