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Can Anyone Recommend a Good Magician in New York City?

Can Anyone Recommend a Good Magician in New York City?

Let me guess ... you're planning a party in NYC and you are looking for the BEST magician in town.  Maybe I can help you out!

Now, of course, I think Brian McGovern is the best magician in New York, no America, no ... the world. Mostly because that's me.

I honestly don't know who is the best. I mean, Criss Angel does a hell of a show - but I think he might be out of your price range. David Blaine, he's cool, but not sure what kind of a show he'll do for a 6 year old birthday party. I bet he won't even make doggie balloons.

Marty Ronan is a personal favorite, and you should check him out for important events. He'll amazed the most sophisticated crowds.  He does an elegant show for smart crowds. (No, he will NOT do balloon doggies, I'm almost sure of this). Mr. Ronan is a gifted magician, although he is prone to poke you in the eye with a fork if you're not careful.

So, really - you don't have much choice. Either you book me or you get poked in the eye with a stick.


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