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Brooklyn Magician, Magicians Brooklyn NY

Brooklyn Magician Hijinx Makes Parties FUN!

Say the magic words.... Abracadabra! Hocus Pocus! Better yet, say Hijinx! We're Brooklyn's source for all things magical and fun!

Lucky you, trying find a magician in Brooklyn. You're Googling and clicking on all sorts of websites trying to find a magic show for your party that won't break the bank and at the same time, trying to find a performer that can do a great job.

"What does it cost to hire a magician?" you ask. Depends. Do you want David Blaine to show up at your kid's Bar Mitzvah in Park Slope? That's gonna cost you, Spanky.  The reality is that there is a huge range of prices for performers. You're not buying a commodity.

So, what's a person to do? Listen to your Uncle Hijinx, don't drive yourself nuts calling a dozen guys you've never heard of to hire a service you have no idea how to evaluate. Instead go to a Brooklyn born buddy, (cough, cough) your pal, Hijinx. (that's us).

From Bay Ridge to Canarsie and Flatbush to Brooklyn Heights, we provide fun entertainment for all types of events. Sure, we do kid's parties like birthdays and bar/bat mitzvahs but we also do really fun adult parties too. So if you're planning a company picnic, holiday party, block party, retirement dinner and so on ... we've got great magicians to make your event extra special.

Oh, and not just magicians either. We'll help you book comedians, jugglers, clowns, pony rides, belly dancers, ventriloquists and every other goofy act out there. Need a great DJ or band? Call Hijinx! Need a stilt-walker, balloon twister or a face painter? Call Hijinx. Need a great slice of pizza? Call Lenny & John's. Yummy.

OK ... so what have we learned, class? If you're planning a party or special event in Brooklyn, New York and you want to make it FUN ... call Hijinx at my office.

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If you want to book  a great magic show for your party, call us as soon as possible. Our dates fill up fast. Call my office now!


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