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Brooklyn Heights Birthday Magic

Brooklyn Heights Magician Hijinx makes children's birthday parties extra fun!

Throwing a birthday party in one of Brooklyn Heights' classic brownstone homes can be a challenge. Lots of kids and sometimes not a lot of space. The idea of having your home invaded by 20 toddlers is too much for some parents to cope with alone - that's why they call me - Hijinx.

Yep, I'm a magician and I do birthday parties. There, I admitted it. But the fact is, I enjoy it and I've been doing this crazy thing since I was a freshman in high school back in 1979. Brooklyn Heights has always been one of my more popular areas. On any given weekend I'm usually popping around from party to party somewhere in Brooklyn - but that's not to say I don't go elsewhere. Long Island, Manhattan and even New Jersey. But Brooklyn is special to me.

I was born here! I grew up in Brooklyn. I went to school in Brooklyn. I even worked in a magic shop in Brooklyn. I met my wife in Brooklyn! My kids were born in Brooklyn!

If you're planning a party anywhere in this fabulous city, why not give me a call? I'll bring magic to Montague Street - humor to Hicks & Henry - I'm not sure what all bring to Pineapple Street but it should be fun!


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