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Block Party Entertainment Long Island

Organizing a block party on Long Island? Looking for bouncy castles, pony rides, cotton candy machines and DJs? I can help you find the best prices and best services for your block party - anywhere on Long Island from Nassau County to the tip of Montauk ... but my main thing is performing magic shows for block parties.

Block Party Magician?

Here's why you want to book my magic show ...

Pony Rides. Allergies. Falls. Bites. Fleas.  In all my years as a professional magician I've never bit anyone, not yet. But I've seen ponies get nasty.

Bouncy Castles.  Broken bones. Lawsuits. Does that sound like fun?

Rides. Sure, I like rides ... but have you seen some of those scary looking carnies that operate them? I'm not saying their all convicted felons ... some of them are still awaiting trial.

Clowns. See above warning about scary carnies above - and then wonder why you'd hire a strange man in make-up and a wig. I'm just saying.

Other Magicians. (they're all terrible, except for three of them. Most magicians on Long Island are part-timers or amateurs who can't book enough shows to make a living full time. Maybe because they're not that good? Again, I'm just saying. And the professional magicians on Long Island? Like I said, only 3 of them are any good- and I'm 2 of them.


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