Magician Brian McGovern.

Birthday Party Places: Upper West Side Central Park

I found a great place for a fun, safe and inexpensive birthday party - right in the middle of New York!

If you're planning a summer time birthday party for kids on the Upper West Side - might I suggest the Wild West Playground near West 93rd Street?

If you are having a party for less than 20 people - you don't need a permit, but you may want one if you want to reserve a certain spot.  While you can't BBQ you can pretty much bring in all the food you want. (And, no, you can't serve or consume alcohol in Central Park - although my show would be more fun to watch drunk). Call  212-408-0226 to get a permit ... since I do not use a microphone and amplifier in my show you don't need a special permit. If you're going to have loud music - you will need a permit.

Looking for a great place to have a birthday party in New York City? Check out Wild West Playground in Central Park.

I just did a birthday party for a group of children at this playground. It is perfect for parties.

I love doing magic shows in Central Park. It is such a magical place and it seems to get everyone in such a relaxed and happy mood. By having a professional magic show at your child's party in the park you'll have a fun and safe way to entertain all the kids.

The playground is gated which means it's safer than having a party in the open park. The kids can run around but it is harder for them to get lost.

And today's party the parents had a picnic table and balloons set up which made it easy for the gas to find a place. I was told that you need to reserve a spot by contacting the new york city department of parks. Even after you reserve the spot it's a good idea to get there early to make sure that you have your location.

We did a magic show for the kids. The children had a great time with the magic, juggling, and my bunny rabbit.

I love doing magic shows in Central Park and I look forward to helping you plan a perfect party for your child.

Special Events permits cost $25 to process, and the fee cannot be waived. We will do our best to give you what you request, but this money is not refundable. Also, we need 21-30 days to process a permit request, so make sure you plan ahead.

How much will the event cost? For most small events, there is no additional cost beyond the permit fee. If you're planning a larger event, please see the Rules and Regulations section for information on Special Events Concessions, including definitions of terms, a concession fee schedule, and exceptions to that schedule.

Do I need other permits too? If you want to have amplified sound, you'll need a permit from the local police precinct. When you receive a Parks permit, including permission from Parks to use amplified sound, useNYPD’s Sound Permit Application [PDF]. You're also responsible for obtaining any necessary clearances or permissions for the use of intellectual property, including but not limited to musical or other performance rights for the stage.