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Birthday Party Places Upper East Side: Big Daddy

Today's magic show is at Big Daddy's Place has a bright and colorful party room that is perfect for kids parties.

The menu is full of great party foods like mac and cheese, pancakes and other food that kids love. The staff is awesome and ready to help make your party great.

Of course since it is a diner you'll need some party entertainment …like a great party magician. My birthday party magic show can help take a fun party to a really fun party.

The upside of hosting your child's birthday party at Big Daddy's is how easy it is.  You don't have to clean the apartment before or after the party. And you don't have to worry about having lots of parents in your home.  No cooking ... really, why have a kid's birthday party at home?

The party space on 2nd Avenue is spacious for even a whole bunch of classmates.  You'll like the decor - it's perfect for a children's party ... plus they serve beer! ( Not to the kids, settle down)

Now that you've found a fun and easy place for your child's party ( and I also recommend the Uno on E86th ) it's time to book some entertainment.

My magic show works really well in places like Big Daddy. The show adds a focal point to the event that the kids look forward to. Plus, during the show parents can relax and have fun. (Many don't realize that my show is actually fun for the grown-ups ... I toss in lots of humor that sails straight over the kids' heads and moms and dads actually enjoy it.)

For more information about booking a birthday party at Big Daddy's on the Upper East Side, go here:

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