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Birthday Party Ideas in Day Care, PreSchool and Kindergarten

Great ideas for planning a child's birthday party at school. Bring a magic show to preschool, daycare or kindergarten and make your child the coolest kid in school!

Is your child in daycare on their birthday? Why not make your little girl or boy's birthday fun and exciting by bringing a party to the class?

I get lots of calls from moms and dads who want to give their son or daughter a fun time on their birthday.  With just some cupcakes and my magic show, you've got all the ingredients for a wonderful birthday party at your child's daycare or pre-school.

First, clear it with your school before you make any plans. Most daycare centers, pre-schools and kindergartens are happy to let you host a party for the class - as long as you consult with them and follow the rules.

Food - cupcakes or birthday cake may or may not be allowed. There are so many children with allergies that school administrators may tell you to keep the food at home.

Entertainment. Don't take this the wrong way - but clowns and costumed characters pretty much suck. Clowns (not all) can be scary. Costumed characters are interesting for about 5 minutes. Hire a magician or other variety artist (like a ventriloquist, juggler, story teller, balloon artists or sing-along performer). Like me.

I'm just saying, if you want the funniest magician in Manhattan, the most amazing magician in Brooklyn, the most wonderful magic show in the Bronx, Queens or Staten Island ... you got me, babe. Oh yeah, I'm the best magician on Long Island, according to a survey of bunny rabbits in my hat.

Give me a call at my office.

The Hijinx Magic Show - guaranteed funny.


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