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Birthday Parties in Brooklyn New York MAGIC

If you're planning a birthday party in Brooklyn New York and you're looking for some exciting entertainment for a children's party why not check out hijinks the magician. Hijinx combines magic comedy juggling and balloons to create and unforgettably fun birthday party experience for your child and guests.

Hijinx is the Brooklyn born magician who entertains all over the fabulous borrow from Brooklyn Heights to Mill basin to Canarsie to Bensonhurst in Bay Ridge.

The magic show is highly interactive and engages children of all ages to explore their imagination and help create the magic.  The birthday boy or girl becomes the star of the show and gets to make the magic happen by being the star volunteer.

The show is age-appropriate and fully customizable for young children under age 4 and kids ages five through eight as well as kids nine through 12. Hijinx has a separate show for teens that is very popular at Brooklyn bar mitzvahs.

So if you want to add laughter and excitement to your child's birthday party why not give Brooklyn's best magician Hijinx a call right now at 646-435-4088.

Hijinx is in constant demand and can only accept a handful of parties on any given day. In other words we sell out fast! Brooklyn is an awfully big town - with hundreds of parties going on every weekend. So don't miss out book your magic show today!


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