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Birthday Parties at UNO Chicago Grill NYC

Birthday Party at UNO Chicago Grill 432 Columbus Avenue, New York 10024.

Looking for a place to have a birthday party on the Upper West Side, right by Central Park and the Museum of Natural History?

The UNO Chicago Grill has a large, sunny party room and a wonderful staff. I perform magic shows for kids' birthdays several times a year at this UNO (as well as the one on the UES)

As one of New York City's best birthday party magicians (according to a survey conducted by me, with suspiciously low N values) I see a whole bunch of party venues. Some are better than others.  So, here's my take on the UNO Grill.

  • Private Party Space. Unlike some party factories in New York, you don't have to share the party space. It's all yours.

  • Size. The party space can accomodate kids parties up to 30, but I always suggest keeping the guest list under 20 for kids.

  • Appearance. The party room looks great and there's plenty of windows for sunshine.

  • Staff. Pay attention ... the staff at UNO is FANTASTIC. They really take care of all the guests. Every child gets personal, friendly attention from the moment they walk in. That's something I rarely see. The management and staff were a delight to work with. They really wanted to the kids to have a great time. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

  • Food. What kid doesn't love pizza? OK, you New York pizza snobs who love to obsess over who the real Ray is - the fact is UNO serves up a great menu that the kids will love.

  • Activities. Picture your child and a dozen friends in chef's hats and aprons making their very own pizza. They love it. And the staff makes it easy to do.

  • Parking? You got to be kidding. You have to be a magician to find a spot near the place.

Because it's a restaurant there isn't much else to do there but sit down and eat so you will need some type of party entertainment or activity. Might I suggest my magic show?

Magic. All the magic I do is age appropriate. That means no scary tricks for little kids, no baby-tricks for older kids.

  • Family Show. I can't stand children's entertainers, other than me of course. My show isn't just for kids, I bring the whole party together. That means I do stuff that makes the parents, grandparents and the nannies happy too.

  • Comedy. I'm not just a magician, I'm also a stand-up comic too. I've performed at Carolines, Dangerfields, Stand Up New York, Gotham Comedy Club and lots of others outside the city too. So the show is funny, and funny is good. No?

  • Juggling. No, I don't juggle buzz-saws and fire-torches at children's birthday parties ... and yes, there are some morons that do. Instead I do a goofy juggling thing ... well, you sort of have to watch it.

  • Balloon Sculptures. Sure, I blow up balloons and twist them into things. Don't judge me, I call it art.

  • Live Bunny. What good is a kid's magician without a bunny rabbit? Bupkis, I'm telling you. Sure, I got a rabbit. He's adorable, in fact after I produce him the kids ignore me completely. He steals the show, but I only pay him carrots.

So, there you have it. Book your child's birthday party at UNO Chicago Grill on Columbus but call me first to check my availability.

After all, you can there are other places to have a party, but there's only one me.

Book The Magic Show by calling my office now!


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