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Birthday Parties at Two Boots Pizza NYC

I'm looking forward to doing a birthday party magic show next week at Two Boots Pizza Two Boots Upper East Side 1617 2nd Avenue (84th Street) New York, NY 10028. I just walked out of the Two Boots on the Upper West Side (on Broadway) and I loved it! I hope the one on the other side of town is as funky and yummy - I am going to have to grab a slice after my magic show. The magic show I do for kid's parties is great for venues like Two Boots. I mean, kids love pizza but there's not much else for them to do! That's where my goof-ball magic-comedy-juggling-balloon-twisting thing comes in handy. Most parents will book the place for two hours. I start the show about 30 minutes into the party, keep the little darlings spellbound for an hour and it's cake / presents / goodie-bags and good-bye! A fun, stress free and affordable birthday party in New York City! Who'd a thunk it? OK, I've got to wipe that tomato sauce off my chin and run. I've got a birthday party show in a few minutes right near Symphony Space. Bye!


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