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Birthday Parties at 16 Handles NYC

I recently did a magic show at 16 Handles on Second Avenue for a child’s birthday party. This popular frozen yogurt shop is a great place for a party – but let me make a few suggestions

Birthday Party Venues for Kids, Upper East Side, New York City

Schedule your party for early in the day – before noon for sure. When I entertained here the shop was “closed for a private event” which gave the party full access. You don’t want to host your party while the general public is there.

This shop has a small party room in the back – it can seat about 10 people before it feels too cramped. On the day I performed we did the magic show in the front of the shop and the kids moved to the party room for pizza.

The children will have fun making their dessert but they will need some other entertainment or activity. The magic show makes a lot of sense. It keeps the kids happy and entertained, the children enjoy the magic and the live bunny.


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