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Birthday Magician at New York City Pizzeria UNO

Planning a Kid's Birthday Party at Pizzeria Uno?

I do lots of magic shows at kid's parties all over New York City - and a good many at the Pizzeria Uno's. Here's what you need to know!


Have your guest arrive promptly. Within 15 minutes of the party starting the kids will be in their chef hat and apron and "making" pizza. Sure, they're really just smearing sauce and sprinkling cheese - but the kids love it.

After the pies are ready ... now what? You need some games ... or better yet entertainment! Why? The kids will be pretty darned bored just sitting around waiting for pizza. So, book a great magician (not a clown, clowns are scary)!

East Side Uno

Parties are on the second floor, so leave the strollers home. It's a big, private area and the staff is great.

West Side Uno

This restaurant has a nice party room in the back. I really enjoy working at this spot because the staff is wonderful.

Yesterday I did a birthday party magic show at the Pizzeria Uno on 86th Street in New York City.  What a great party ... but it might have ended badly!

The birthday mom hired a costumed character, Bob The Builder, from a local party entertainment company.  After they took her credit card they told her that Bob the Builder didn't talk. He was just going to walk around the party for half an hour. The mom was shocked - that didn't sound very entertaining!

So she called me ... your friendly neighborhood magician Hijinx.  She hired me to do my Magic Birthday Party Package, which includes

  • Magic

  • Comedy

  • Juggling

  • Balloons

  • Live Bunny

  • Audience Participation

  • More Surprises

Ended up that Bob the Builder was 40 minutes late for the party. Can you imagine trying to keep a party of 6 year-olds amused for 40 minutes when you're out at a restaurant!

I always try to show up early for parties - so when birthday mom called my cell phone I hurried in.  Here's what the client had to say ....

"Thank you so much.  Your show was amazing and you save Daniel's birthday from total disaster..... Everyone at the party said you were amazing! I will recommend you to everyone I know. Thanks again it was a pleasure to work with you and if you ever need a recommendation you can give my number out."

Nice! If you want to bring my magic show to your child's birthday ... give me a call at my office.

BTW ... that "Bob the Builder" character was a rip-off! First of all, it was a trademark crime. This party company had no right to use the name "Bob the Builder." The costume looked like ... almost, but not really ... Bob the Builder and Bob just walked around the tables and waved. How boring is that!

Pizzeria Uno - GREAT PLACE FOR A KID'S PARTY! Kids love the pizza here, the upstairs party room is really nice. Great staff. Highly recommended by the birthday party pro!

My magic show is guaranteed fun. Give me a call!

Pizzeria Uno

86th Street- Between 2nd and 3rd220 E.86th Street New York, NY 10028


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