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Birthday Entertainment Ideas

We're sitting here in New York City the other day when we got a call from Long Island. Our client was planning a birthday party and wanted to bring in some fun entertainment.

"What type of entertainment do you recommend for a birthday party?" she asked.

Now, I could launch into a laundry list of ideas ... after all we feature a long list entertainers for adults and kid's parties. (scroll down for Adult Party Entertainment Ideas )

Party Entertainment for Children's Birthday Parties

  • Magicians

  • Clowns

  • Puppet Shows

  • Rides

  • Bounce Castles

  • Caricaturists

  • Costumed Characters

  • Disc Jockey - DJ

  • Mimes

  • Petting Zoo

  • Pony Rides

  • Puppet Shows

  • Sing-Along Music

  • Ventriloquists

  • Celebrity Appearance

  • And more ...

The fact is, Hijinx Entertainment has hundreds of entertainment ideas for parties.  (And, unlike a cab at midnight - we do go to Brooklyn. But we also go to Long Island, Queens, New Jersey, Manhattan, Bronx, Westchester, Yonkers, Staten Island and beyond.)

When you call us at my office we won't give you a long list of random ideas ... we'll actually help you plan your birthday party and select the very best entertainment based on your budget, party venue, number of guests and the personality of your party.

Party Personality

Yep - parties are people. Some are loud and wild - some are quiet and reserved. One party can appreciate the finer points of Mozart's Symphony No. 27 ... while others prefer dwarf tossing.

(Incidentally, if you want to hire a dwarf to toss on Long Island or anywhere in New York, don't. Dwarf tossing has been illegal in NY State since 1990 ... ah, the good old days.)

We here at Hijinx love to help our clients find the perfect combination (maybe tossing a dwarf dressed like Mozart?).

We feature national acts, regional headliners and lots of local artists. No matter what kind of party you're planning, Hijinx can help.

One of the most popular types of entertainment for birthday parties is a comedy-magic show. It's great for kids and adults because it's fun, interactive, surprising and gets the audience involved in the show.

Our magic shows feature plenty of audience participation.  We'll get Uncle Freddy up to help with the tricks  and little Junior too.

Our puppet shows are great for children's parties, especially younger kids. Clowns, jugglers and sing-along entertainers also work great.

Adult Birthday Party Ideas

Here's a quick list of party entertainment ideas for adults ...

  • Music. Book a

  • DJ, band or musician - music is so important to your party! That's why we've got New York's best, just for you.

  • Magic; Close-Up. We'll mingle with the guests performing tremendous sleight of hand, mind-reading and illusions.

  • Magic; Stand-Up. Party stand-up comedy, part magic show. We combine the best of these two great theater arts to create a fantastic show. The Birthday Boy or Birthday Girl (even if they're 80, we still call 'em that) gets to be star of the show.

  • Stand-Up Comedian. Hire a stand-up comedian for your adult birthday party. Hijinx will have you laughing till it hurts!

  • Hire Elvis or The Beatles. Impossible? Not when Hijinx sends over one of our top-rated tribute acts. You won't believe your eyes or ears - but you will believe your feet when you get up and boogy to the amazing sounds.

  • Hypnotist. Wow. A comedy-hypnosis show is one of the funniest things you can book for an adult birthday party. Your guests literally become star of the show!

  • Caricaturists. At Hijinx we're very choosy about the talent we recommend. Our party caricaturists are no exception! They're gifted artists who can capture the very essence of a person on paper. It makes a wonderful party souvenir too.

  • Party Psychics. If you're guests are younger or mostly female, book one of our party psychics. Our party psychics don't pretend to see the future - they're great party entertainers. Do you really want some nut telling your Aunt Martha that someone close to her is about to drop dead? Yikes! That's why we only make psychic entertainers available. They'll perform "readings" like tarot, palm, tea leaves or even the trusty old crystal ball.

  • Drag Queens. You read that right. This isn't for every party ... but if your guests are fun loving, our talented Drag Queen entertainers will be a hit. She (?) will entertain with song, dance and outraguosu antics. Want to playfully tease the birthday boy? How about a Drag Marilyn Monroe impersonator singing Happy Birthday. Too funny.

  • Belly Dancers. Always a big hit. Book a belly dancer for a bit of exotic fun. Our dancers are great "party motivators" and get the audience in the cat. Imagine Uncle Charlie trying to bust out a belly-dance move! That's funny.

  • Karoake. Hijinx will rent you top quality karaoke equipment and even supply a talented singer / emcee to coax your guests up.

  • Bartenders. Our bartenders don't just pour drinks - they entertain too. OK, they mostly pour drinks so you can relax ... but they're quick with a joke, magic tricks and flash (bar juggling).

  • Musicians. Maye you want some background music ... maybe you want fun Dueling Pianos or a sing along party. Our keyboard players, pianists and other musical entertainers will create just the atmosphere you want!

  • Game Shows. Hijinx can bring in a fun-filled game show to your next party. It can be a wild and crazy physical game like Giant Sumo Wrestling or more intellectual - our trivia challenge is more fun than Jeopardy.

  • Hula Dancers. Grass skirts, coconuts and funky Hawaiian music. Great for a tropical theme party.

  • Celebrity Guests. We can mention names, but for the right price we can arrange to have a major sports, television or movie star appear at your party.

  • Casino Dealers. Maybe your guests like poker, blackjack, craps or roulette? Let Hijinx create a casino night at your next event. Sure, it's only pretend money, but when you've got nothing, you've got nothing to lose.

  • Murder Mystery Parties. Our talented improv team will create a puzzling mystery for your next event.

  • Guest From Hell. Our professional actors cak pretend to be anyone - from an obnoxious drunk to an uptight preacher. Have our guest from hell insult your guests, break dishes, dance on the table - wacky stuff.

  • Scavenger Hunts. Where's Waldo? I have no clue, but your guests will have a blast scouring the neighborhood - or even the whole city - or maybe the museum to piece together the treasure map and win the prize.MORE ....

  • Bands

  • Balloon Artists

  • Comedy Roasts

  • Dancers

  • Fireworks

  • Fortune Tellers

  • Mentalists /Mind Readers

  • Mimes

  • Models

  • Stilt-Walkers

  • Face Painters

  • Ventriloquists

  • Singing Waiters and Singing Waitresses

Boy, are my fingers tired! Hey - if you made it this far, you deserve a free prize. Just call Hijinx and give us this coupon code: BDAY25 and save $25 off our Party Entertainment Package (PEP). Yep a coupon code worth $25 right here: BDAY25.

This coupon code expires ... so call now. You must book your PEP by September 1st ... and the party must be before January 1, 2011.

So call now! my office

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