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Best Magician in New York, Says Simon

This week I managed to dig out of the rubble after Hurricane Sandy ripped through my house in Belle Harbor and get back to doing what I love best, performing magic for people all over New York. I'm always surprised and delighted by the things that kids say to me after my show. At one party on Central Park West, five year-old Jeremy said, "You're the best magician in the whole world!" His older brother Peter interjected, "Jeremy, you haven't seen every magician in the whole world so you can't say that." Jeremy revised his opinion and dubbed me the BEST magician in NEW YORK." :)

Party Room for Kids, Upper West Side / Lincoln Center

I had the pleasure of entertaining for a kid's party at the American School of Ballet on West 65th Street. Did you know you can host a party there on weekends? Parents are always looking for places to host parties on the Upper West Side and I am going to start recommending it. What do you get? The rooms are big and bright with tall windows and high ceilings. It is not set up with kiddie decor - so bring your own birthday decorations. The party room I was in was on the 3rd floor - and it is a bit tricky to find it. What I really loved was the acoustics. Kids parties can be noisy - but this party room made it easy for everyone to watch and hear the magic show. Plus ... the manager and wait staff really did a great job. Highly recommended.

If you do book a party here - you need to book some type of entertainment. They are not set up to entertain the kids - it's a basic party room. Call me if you want to book my magic show

Bronx Party Magic

Yep, I get around! I did a show in Edenwald, Bronx near Seton Falls Park for a 10 year-old's birthday party. His mom wanted to make sure she hired a magician who could handle a bunch of smart 10 year-olds. The birthday boy wanted a REAL MAGICIAN ... not a clown or some corny magician. Well, I pretty much left those kids baffled with some slick sleight of hand they'd never seen before ... and the parents were completely floored! I always get a kick out of doing a show that totally amazes kids and adults.

Magician in Wantagh, Long Island

Today I'm returning to Wantagh for a command performance ... little Valerie is turning 7 and she asked her mom to please bring the magician back. I had entertained at her party last year and this time the kids are looking forward to seeing what sort of magic my bunny and I can do!

As you can see, I travel around with my magic show! From the Bronx to Long Island and all over Manhattan. And I don't let anything stop me.

As you can see, I travel around with my magic show! From the Bronx to Long Island and all over Manhattan. And I don't let anything stop me.

Halloween Party Magic Show

I was booked to do a Halloween Party Magic Show on the UWS ... and even though my house was flooded and I lost a car ... and even though the traffic was horrible ... and it took me 4 hours to get from Rockaway to West 88th Street; the show must go on. That's the difference between hiring a part-timer and a professional.

And this is how cool New Yorkers are. The very wonderful lady who booked me rearranged the party schedule since she was sure I was coming. It took almost two hours to get over the 59th Street Bridge, but I made it. The show went really well ( and I have to say I loved getting back to performing after being evacuated and dealing with the disasters back home). Then, this angel of a lady organized her building to donate much needed supplies to Rockaway. How wonderful is that?

That's just one of the reasons I love doing magic New York. My audiences amazed me!


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